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Exploring the Crucial Five MUST-HAVE SQL SERVER TOOLS FOR DBAs

by Jack Dawson September 30, 2015
There is no denying that working as a database administrator is one of the most exciting opportunities in computer technology. At the same time, you will concur that maintaining an efficient SQL server environment is a complex undertaking especially when you are not optimizing on the right tools.

Unraveling Code with the Debugger

by Daniel Allen June 05, 2006
My goal in this article is to provide reasoned argument for adding the Perl debugger to your set of tools, as well as pointers on how to do so.

Sending email using perl and sendmail.

by Perlfect Solutions March 23, 2006
A very common task for a cgi script is to be able to inform a set of users with data generated by itself or other programs, cgi's or not.

CGI Environmental Variables

by Perlfect Solutions March 08, 2006
One of the methods that the web server uses to pass information to a cgi script is through environmental variables. These are created and assigned appropriate values within the environment that the server spawns for the cgi script.

Flexible CGI output with HTML templates

by Perlfect Solutions March 08, 2006
will describe a different approach to the problem here, the one that we use for our programs and which proves to be a very good solution for almost any type of application. The idea in this approach is to isolate the HTML code in a separate file, which we call a template.

35 Deadly Website Sins That will Kill Your Business!

by Shelley Lowery December 22, 2004
A list of 35 web site mistakes that will make your site appear to be unprofessional and ultimately cost you business.

Forms -- Back to the Basics and Beyond -- Part Three -- Form Tips & Tricks

by Shelley Lowery December 22, 2004
In part three of this series we will focus on some great tips and tricks you can use to spice up your forms.

Forms -- Back to the Basics and Beyond -- Part Two -- Advanced forms

by Shelley Lowery December 22, 2004
In part one of this series we focused on setting up a basic form on your website. We discussed the Form Element Attributes and began the Form Element Properties.

How to Install a CGI Script and Increase Web Site Interactivity

by Herman Drost December 22, 2004
You may have delayed cgi script installation due the apparently complex process. Well, I avoided it also for several years, however if you want to increase your web site's interactivity it's a necessity to know how to do it.


by MAK [Muthusamy Anantha Kumar] December 22, 2004
Having a standby server in a remote site, copying backup files directly to a Disaster recovery site or other requirements such as transfering files from one location to another using FTP creates the need for creating a FTP batch file using a changing parameter file.

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