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AXS Visitor Tracking
AXS records visits to your web page and processes those records into meaningful graphs and database listings. The scripts tell you where visitors are coming from, charts their flow through your site, and tells you which links they follow when leaving. In addition, the scripts record visitors' server name, IP address, type of web browser, and time of visit.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/UnixMac OS
Last modified: April 04, 2006

Traffic Source
Pinpoint exactly who is sending traffic to your web site. Traffic source will record referring URL statistics of web sites that sends visitors to your web site. Statistics comes with accompanying graphs and in an easy to understand format.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/Unix
Last modified: November 11, 2003
Price: free

L10 Hit Counter
100's of real-time graphical reports can be generated by this free hit counter script.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/Unix
Last modified: January 22, 2003
Price: free

FM Click Tracker
Counts the amount of clicks received on any link. Comes with a control panel that displays the number of clicks with graph.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/Unix
Last modified: March 21, 2001
Price: free

A full featured traffic monitoring tool which does not use the server access logs. Extremely easy to install using the auto-configuration feature. No script changes necessary.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/Unix
Last modified: August 10, 2000
Price: free

Outputs server usage and stats, including current processes, httpd hits, users logged on, memory/swap space, drive usage.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/Unix
Last modified: July 01, 1999
Price: free

This script goes through the referer_log file on your server and counts how many times your page is referred to by eachURL.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/Unix
Last modified: September 28, 1998
Price: free

W3Perl is a graphical stats package which displays lots of informations about visitors in a nice way. It includes referers, browsers, error log data and session, web structure and much more.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/Unix
Last modified: September 25, 1998
Price: free

Hitman web statistics gathers every bit of information available in standard NCSA format log files and presents it in a useable form. Hitman is totally web based with an online control panel for changing settings.
Platforms: Linux/Unix
Last modified: September 17, 1998
Price: $59.00

LinkTrakker lets you know where your visitors are coming from by tracking and reporting what search engine queries led visitors to your site, what web sites link to yours and how users navigate through your web site.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/UnixNetscape
Last modified: September 12, 1998
Price: $35.00

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