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Why choose a dedicated server for your web site

We Want You. Badly.

Why choose a dedicated server for your web site We Want You. Badly.

With so many hosting services available in the market, it is hard to make the right choice. In this article Vanessa gives some useful tips on why you should consider getting a dedicated server for your business.

Your knowledge, to be exact. Send us your CGI scripts and news and we will share them with everyone else. Joining the CGI Dir team is fast, easy, and full of phat Karma.

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by Charlie Brown
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black bullet Micronovae Ltd Releases IIS Mod-Rewrite Pro v3.0, Mod_Rewrite Compatible URL Rewriting ...
IIS Mod-Rewrite Pro v3.0, while based on the unparallel stability and robustness of its ...

black bullet Zenoss Releases New Version of Open Source IT Management Product
The new version of Zenoss Core, an integrated IT management software solution, allows IT ...

black bullet JupiterResearch Finds Half of Portals' Best Customers are Vulnerable
"Right now, portals like Yahoo, AOL, and MSN dominate online usage and, together with ...

black bullet Sun Sets New World Records With Enhanced UltraSPARC IV+ Servers Running Solaris
Sun Fire UltraSPARC IV+ servers now own over 75 world-record benchmarks.

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