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MobWrite: the Web-based Open-source Multi-user Real-time Plain-text Editor
Mobwrite is an text box which allows multiple people to edit the same text at the same time. It requires both Python and PHP.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/UnixMac OS
Last modified: September 08, 2006

Easy Content Management for PHP/MySQL
Website Content Management, using DHTML layers for maximum design flexibility.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/UnixMac OSInternet ExplorerFirefoxNetscapeOpera
Last modified: July 17, 2006
Price: $5

HardCore Web Content Editor
Cross-browser/cross-platform WYSIWYG editor. Enables anybody to create, edit, and post website content without the need to download and install anything on the client side.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/UnixMac OS
Last modified: January 24, 2004
Price: $50

BV News 1.6
BV News is a powerful and flexible website news management script written in Perl. It enables webmasters to add, edit and delete news stories via an easy to use web admin interface, without ftp.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/UnixMac OSInternet ExplorerNetscapeOpera
Last modified: February 28, 2003
Price: free

Dynamic Page Creator
This script makes it easy for Website owners to update their own pricelist and news pages from a browser. Updating the pages requires no technical ability.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/Unix
Last modified: August 31, 2002
Price: $20.00

WebWright Webpage Updater
Now you can edit any webpage right from your browser window. WebWright allows you to offer your customers webpages with an area they can update themselves without knowing anything about HTML or file uploading. Works on Unix only.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/Unix
Last modified: May 06, 2000
Price: $29.99

Auto Updater
Auto Updater is a news and review posting system with database-linked articles, SSI-enabled news layouts, powerful admin, image uploads, templates, review rating system, and much more! No HTML experience required!
Platforms: WindowsLinux/Unix
Last modified: April 08, 2000
Price: $210

Webman Webpage Generator CGI Scripts
This is an instant Webpage generator and database manager software written in Perl offering user registration, user authentication, instant webpage generation and updates with preview function, support of image and audio file uploads, automatic e-mail...
Platforms: WindowsLinux/Unix
Last modified: January 11, 1999
Price: $600

The GENESIS script lets you administer your web page from your web browser.
Platforms: Linux/Unix
Last modified: September 11, 1998
Price: $38

BAC Blogger
Host blogs for all of your members. Each member gets their own personal blog with space to upload images, add messages, edit comments, manage their blog rolls, etc.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/Unix
Last modified:
Price: $299.00

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