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Wordpress SEO toolkit Pro
Get more search engine traffic to your wordpress blog!
Platforms: WindowsLinux/UnixMac OSInternet ExplorerFirefoxNetscapeOpera
Last modified: August 23, 2006
Price: $19.99

KinoSearch - search engine library by Marvin Humphrey.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/Unix
Last modified: March 17, 2006
Price: Free alpha.

RiSearch - simple, powerful and very fast search engine. It is able to index up to 15000 webpages (about 200Mb). The search time on usual desktop PC is less than second.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/Unix
Last modified: July 24, 2000
Price: free

Locator Script
This script will take a list of poeple/places in a site with their zip code, and find the closest three people/places to any zip code given by a site visitor.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/Unix
Last modified: November 09, 1999
Price: free

Matt's Script Archive: Simple Search
Simple Search takes a specified list of files and searches each page for the keywords which users specify. It also includes boolean options, allowing for AND/OR searches as well as Case Sensitivity.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/Unix
Last modified: September 24, 1998
Price: free

Fluid Dynamics: Intermediate Search
Intermediate Search is an internal search engine for your website, very similar to Matt Wright's Simple Search. This script expands on the simple one by taking into account new Meta tags, such as keywords and description.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/Unix
Last modified: September 24, 1998
Price: $40

WebSearch allows users to search for key words in documents located on your Web site. It searches the basic text of the documents, as well as ALT text and any information contained in META "keywords" and "description" tags.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/Unix
Last modified: September 14, 1998
Price: $25

Hukilau Search Engine
Adams explains, "The Hukilau Search Engine, is a CGI script written in Perl designed to do a keyword search of all the web pages in a directory. It is designed to be easy to install and is for small to medium sites.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/Unix
Last modified: September 12, 1998
Price: $250

RankBoost is a unique script which can help you take advantage of the cutting edge in search engine rank improvement and traffic boosting.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/UnixMac OSInternet ExplorerNetscapeOpera
Last modified:
Price: free

PowerSeek SQL
Create, manage and run your own Search Engine & Directory Portal with total control and ease. User friendly in every aspect and built for the most demanding uses and customization needs.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/Unix
Last modified:
Price: $399

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