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Fake Page Rank Detection
There is a scam that gets almost everyone, except the truly paranoid. This scam is “Fake page ranks” or URL jacking. We also wrote a tool which allows you to check to demonstrate that the page rank is completely fake.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/UnixInternet Explorer
Last modified: January 23, 2007
Price: freeware

Webpage Counter
Webpage Counter offers a free, stable website counter with detailed statistics about your visitors and traffic.
Platforms: Internet ExplorerFirefoxNetscapeOpera
Last modified: April 06, 2006
Price: Free

FullyBiz Managed Shopping Cart
Fully managed shopping cart service, system offers all web marketing tools you need.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/UnixMac OSInternet ExplorerFirefoxNetscapeOpera
Last modified: March 09, 2006
Price: Free Trial

Neomyz Web Poll
Neomyz Web Poll is a multi-platform compatible service that allows you to create your own web poll for your web site in 3 minutes, and allow your site visitors to express their opinions on your web site, your services, or products.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/UnixMac OSInternet ExplorerNetscapeOpera
Last modified: November 04, 2003
Price: $29.95

Free Amusement Park/Carousel Newsfeed for your site
Free newsfeed for your site featuring scrolling carousel/amusement park news which changes monthly.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/UnixMac OSInternet ExplorerNetscapeOpera
Last modified: October 19, 2003
Price: free

VenusValley Live Support
VenusValley Live Support enables you to chat live with people visiting your website. You can monitor your site visitors as they arrive and leave, answer questions from potential/existing customers in real-time.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/UnixMac OSInternet ExplorerNetscapeOpera
Last modified: September 03, 2003
Price: monthly fee

4AF Daily Cartoons
Add an award-winning cartoon to your site and watch your traffic increase! Your visitors will return time and again to check out the latest cartoon. Easy to use. Fully customizable page layout.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/Unix
Last modified: January 15, 2000
Price: free

Multi-user webbased helpdesk application to organize customer inquiries. Free trial. Simple setup.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/UnixMac OSInternet ExplorerNetscapeOpera
Last modified:
Price: free/$3mo

Free Booking System
Free web based booking system with instant online signup. Each user's system can be controlled and customised through a control panel. Bookings are taken using SSL technology.
Platforms: WindowsLinux/Unix
Last modified:
Price: free

Find A Phone Number
Remotely hosted. Canadian only. Find a phone number given last name (first name, city and province optional). Simple "Cut and Paste" html code into your web pages.
Platforms: Linux/Unix
Last modified:
Price: free

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