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Receive weekly statistics to your email address Visitor Activity (Hourly Visitors, Pages Visited, Referrers, Keywords, Search Engines)- Hourly visitor report for the current day- Hourly visitor report for the last 10 days.  This report will show you what hours of the day is your site the most busiest for the last 10 days- Top 10 pages visited of all time- Last 5 pages visited- Top 10 referrers.  See the top 10 websites that send your site the most traffic.- View all referrers.  See all websites that send your website traffic- Keywords.  View the keywords from search engines that are sending your website traffic- Top 10 search engine traffic report.  See the top 10 search engines that send your website the most traffic. Visitor Technology (Operating Systems, Web Browsers, Screen Resolutions)- Operating System report.  See what operating system your visitors have installed on their computer- Web browser report.  See which web browser your visitors are using- Screen resolution report.  See what screen resolution your visitors are using so that you can design your site according to popular screen resolutions. Detailed Analysis Of The Last 20 VisitorsReport includes details of how many times your visitors came to your site, date and time, IP address, type of browser, type of operating system, screen resolution, and color display information.and many more features...Visit our website for a full list of features.

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