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Cross-browser/cross-platform WYSIWYG editor. Enables anybody to create, edit, and post website content without the need to download and install anything on the client side.Users can set formatting attributes such as font sizes, font names, bold plus many more. CSS style sheets are supported and users can easily insert tables, images, flash animations, java applets and hyperlinks and set attributes such as borders. For more flexibility advanced hyperlink and media manager dialog windows where users can administrate links and media on the server are included. Also included are plain and HTML editing modes and a DOM inspector. Simple to integrate and configure with fully customisable toolbars, a JavaScript API and a stand-alone simple file editor application example in ASP, JSP, and PHP for use without additional programming and Web applications. There is HTML IFRAME and FRAMESET/FRAME support for toolbars and support for any server-side scripting language.

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Added: Sat Jan 24 2004 Last Modify: Sat Jan 24 2004
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