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Create Your Own "First Visit" Popup Window

by Shelley Lowery December 22, 2004
It's a proven fact that the use of popup windows is a highly effective marketing technique that produces great results.

Forms -- Back to the Basics and Beyond -- Part One -- Basic Forms Tutorial

by Shelley Lowery December 22, 2004
If you've been on the Internet for a while, you've probably filled out a number of online forms. Forms are used to obtain information from your visitors right through your website.

Use CGI to Automate Your Web Site

by Shelley Lowery December 22, 2004
Common Gateway Interface, better known as CGI, is one of the most widely used server applications on the Internet.

CGI Script Installation Tutorial

by Benny Alexander December 22, 2004
This article is to make your CGI-Installation work a lot easier.

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