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Exploring the Crucial Five MUST-HAVE SQL SERVER TOOLS FOR DBAs

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Jack Dawson
September 30, 2015

Jack Dawson
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There is no denying that working as a database administrator is one of the most exciting opportunities in computer technology. At the same time, you will concur that maintaining an efficient SQL server environment is a complex undertaking especially when you are not optimizing on the right tools.

Capitalizing on the SQL server tools Appropriate Tools

To maximize fully on the capability of an SQL server, you need to appreciate which tools are indispensible. In short, you need to appreciate tools provided within the database and those that are not.

When you capitalize on these tools, you will not only save time but also enhance efficiency in your database administration tasks.

Well, here are some of the five crucial SQL server tools to make your work a delight:

SQL Virtual Database

Accidents happen every time and in a server environment, the results are devastating. With a SQL Virtual Data base, you enjoy real-time data restoration as you continue working on the database. Access to backup data files is instant and you will additionally get better OLR replacement. This tool is versatile as it enables reports, backup, data extraction and analysis among other functions all at the same time.

SQL Diagnostic Manager

This tool enables round-the-clock monitoring on a platform laden with features. The 2013 Bronze Winner in the database and monitoring category enables performance monitoring both in the physical and virtual environments. You can query browsing history, get predicative alerts, query monitoring process and automate administrative functions to make your work easier.

SQL Compliance Manager

One of the trickiest aspects of DBA is compliance to industry safety audits including Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) of 2002, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 among others.

SQL Compliance Manager makes the painstaking process easy through safety data compilation. It also edits sensitive data, generates safety reports and keeps track of any suspicious activity.

Azure SQL Database Backup

This has to be one of the coolest free tools, which you can get from Software Coupons sites. You are able to compress data by up to 95% and this translates to time and space savings on your SQL servers. It also serves as a backup tool while also enabling central data storage to prevent data loss.

You can use Azure to restore operations and even view historic backup. If you restore over another database using this tool, you enjoy transaction integration through consistency to and from a cloud.

SQL Admin Toolset

This tool comes from an amalgamation of 24 essential desktop tools ranging from diagnostics, administration and analytics for all your everyday SQL server needs. You save a lot of time by employing the SQL Admin Toolset as you can complete tasks in minutes as opposed to hours.

It is an apt mining ground for tools you will find useful every other day. In essence, it is a tool catering for the whole gamut of your SQL server needs; how good can it get?

You can deploy other tools for your database administration operations from SSMS – from SQl server 2012 to SQL Boost. The bottom-line is that these tools are primed to make your work a blissful affair.

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