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Google Hires Founder of Open Source CMS Plone


Friday, July 7, 2006; 02:15 AM

Alexander Limi - one of the Plone CMS founders - has been approached with an offer to join Google as a User Interface Designer, and has accepted the offer.  According to the project's website, Limi will continue to contribute to Plone and plans to have significant leadership in the upcoming UI-focused 3.0 release. Limi will also remain on the executive  board of the Plone Foundation, which manages the project.

In the announcement he stated that the reasons for accepting Google's offer included his desire "to learn from the masters of AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) UI design," as well as a need to step back from Plone for a while, in order to see new thinking.

Plone is a content management framework that works on top of Zope, an open source web application server and development system.  Zope itself is written in Python, a widely-used and supported open source programming language.

The Plone site at offers access to downloads and more information. 



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