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06/12/07 - Zenoss Releases New Version of Open Source IT Management Product
04/04/07 - JupiterResearch Finds Half of Portals' Best Customers are Vulnerable
04/04/07 - Sun Sets New World Records With Enhanced UltraSPARC IV+ Servers Running Solaris
02/21/07 - Active State Announces Komode Edit 4.0
02/15/07 - Sun Releases Optimized AMP Stack for Solaris 10 Along With New OpenSolaris Distribution for Developers
02/01/07 - Server Technology Announces Version 6.0 Cabinet Power Distribution (CDU) Firmware with Smart Load Shedding and Remote Shutdown Agent
01/17/07 - Liberty Alliance Announces Products from CA, Entr'ouvert, Ericsson, HP, NTT, NTT Software and Symlabs Pass Interoperability Testing
01/17/07 - Purplenova 2.0 - Easy Web Server for Home and Office Released
11/23/06 - Launches Entertainment Game of a Squares Pool on the Web
11/23/06 - Nokia Foundation Award Goes to MySQL CEO Merten Mickos
11/23/06 - IBM Open Source-Based Application Server Growing Nearly Three Times Faster Than JBoss
11/21/06 - Software Vendors Show Early Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
11/16/06 - ContentWatch Releases New Internet Filtering Appliance
11/16/06 - Adds Fedora Core 6, Debian Etch, and Ubuntu 6.10 to its VPS Product Line
11/15/06 - LearnKey Releases New SQL Training Courseware
11/14/06 - DBI Prevents Identity Theft With New Release of Brother-WatchDog Digital Surveillance Solution for Oracle and DB2
11/08/06 - Microsoft Enhances Application Security Tool in Visual Studio With Improved Dotfuscator
11/07/06 - Eclipse Celebrates Five Years as an Open Source Community
11/06/06 - JumpBox, A New Virtual Appliance Development Service, Launches During the First Annual Arizona Entrepreneurship Conference
10/27/06 - CMS Watch Finds Open Source Portal Software Gaining Market Acceptance but Trailing in Functional Breadth
10/26/06 - Sendmail Announces Winners of First Annual Innovation Awards
10/26/06 - Real Time Logic Announces Lua Server Pages for Embedded Systems
10/23/06 - New Features for's Control Panel
10/20/06 - AspDotNetStorefront and DiscountASP.NET Announce Distribution Agreement
10/18/06 - ModSecurity Open Source Web Application Firewall Released
10/17/06 - Web Services Testing Tool Available for Free Download
10/16/06 - C/C++ interpreter Ch 5.5, and Embedded Ch 5.5 Released
10/12/06 - Developers Say: "The Future Is ASP.NET 2.0 and Ruby on Rails"
10/12/06 - Internet Information Services 6 Overtakes Apache to Serve More Fortune 1000 Web Sites in Port80 Software Survey
10/09/06 - SitePoint and Ektron Release Results from Web Developer Survey
09/28/06 - Oracle Unveils Oracle(R) Berkeley DB Release 4.5
09/20/06 - Python 2.5 Released
09/08/06 - Perl XML Module by Ooboo LLC Released as Freeware
09/08/06 - IronPython (Python for the .NET Virtual Machine) v1.0 Released
09/04/06 - MySQL Wins International Database Contest
08/18/06 - rPath Launches New Version of Software Appliance Builder
08/16/06 - OpenVZ Project Releases Server Virtualization Software for RHEL 4
08/15/06 - Zend Technologies Delivers PHP to IBM's System i Customers
08/14/06 - Verio Unveils Linux Virtual Private Server; New Offering Designed to Extend VPS Services to Linux Developer and Small Business Communities
08/11/06 - Parrot Virtual Machine v.0.4.6 Adds Support for Ruby and JavaScript
08/10/06 - Rails 1.1.5 Released to Patch Serious Vulnerability
08/10/06 - Yahoo Developer Network Adds Python Resources
08/09/06 - Perl-Oriented Development Company Best Practical Launches Shared Todo Service
08/08/06 - Ruby on Rails will ship with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
08/07/06 - First Public Release of New Python Web Development Framework
08/04/06 - Python Squeezes Another Beta in Version 2.5 Release Schedule
08/03/06 - Extensive Book on Python Programming Available Freely (and Legally) Online
08/03/06 - MaximumASP Announces New Bundled Solution Server Packages
08/02/06 - Trolltech Releases Technology Preview of Qt for Java Development
08/02/06 - Turbolinux Launches First Plug in Turbolinux Appliance Server 2.0 Worldwide

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