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A quick guide to PHP programming language – The involvement of SEO and WordPress

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Charlie Brown
June 06, 2018

Charlie Brown
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Today we see a common scene everywhere.  People are busy with their systems, laptops or smartphones.  Why do you think they are doing this? Well, the reason for this is the instant retrieval of information. When we browse for some information, we get it within seconds, whereas in yesteryears, people used to spend all their time in libraries in search of information. The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when expanded helps in getting the latest and best information through its management of websites.  So, to be first in the race, the website owner has to keep his site with quality information.  He has to keep updating the information regularly.  Content management plays an essential role in SEO.  Sometimes, many businesses make profit or loss based on their SEO even if their product/services are the best.  Through SEO, the businessman can achieve popularity which is very important for any product or service.  Only if your product or service is marketed properly, people will come to know about it. 

What do we mean by content management?

Content management needs a lot of patience and planning. Not anything can be written and published on your website.  By doing so, you will lose viewership along with decrease in your rating by SEO.  People may consider your website as spam.  This is the world of speed and information and it spreads very fast. Any wrong move will create a negative impact very fast.  You should ensure that the content you are publishing is worth and does not change the theme.  Why I said lot of patience because, every time you publish your content, it should have fresh information which must have a neat presentation.  So, whatever, you do should be planned properly.  Accordingly, the content has to be published.  One way to simply this process is usage of WordPress. WordPress provides a good platform and helps in content management.  You can add or remove your content very easily.  The reason for its flexibility is the usage of PHP scripting language.  Even MySQL is also used.

Well, software developers will be well aware of PHP.  But if you are a beginner, then PHP is a language for server scripting which is normally used to develop static/dynamic websites and web applications.  The expanded form of PHP is Personal Home Pages, but lately, due to increase in usage, PHP has become Hyper Text Pre-Processor.

Requirements of PHP script:

  • You should remember that only if your server has PHP installed, you will be able to use PHP scripts.
  • When your client is accessing the PHP scripts, they should have a web browser.
  • Every PHP file should have an extension ".php."
  • Sometimes PHP file contains tags such as HTML.
  • PHP tags are not case-sensitive, but experts advise the use of lower case letter in coding.
  • Not only code line, if you want to insert comments, but also you do it using "/*" at the beginning of the line and “*/” at the end of the line.  This comment won’t appear in the output.  It is meant only for your understanding of code line.
  • As a beginner, you must be having a doubt about what is a scripting language. Well, scripting refers to providing instructions which will be implemented when your program will run on the system.  Normally a scripting language interprets your program.  The main purpose of writing scripts is to minimise the work and at the same instructing the system to perform certain functions or tasks.  You need not compile your codes before executing, and these scripts can be easily inserted into any other software.

So, don't panic.  You need not be an amateur or experienced programmer, but an experienced programmer can do wonders with his/her knowledge.  All you need to have is to identify the logic behind doing things. As a beginner, it may be little bit difficult and confusing. So you can start by writing small scripts using some basic rules.

Some of the basic rules are as follows:

1) Scripting format or syntax:  The PHP scripting should be as under:


   Echo ‘Welcome Beginners’;


Whenever you are writing a script or program you should always check the output.  So the above example gives the output as:-

Welcome Beginners

2) Star and end of a line:  The line should start with “echo” and end with semicolon “;”.  IF only one line of coding is done, then this semicolon ‘;’ is not required.  But if there are multiple lines then usage of semicolon is a must.

3) Case sensitivity:  You must be very care when you are creating variables as PHP is a language with case sensitivity.  For instance:  Take 2 variables- VAR & var.  Now assign the values to it and see the magic.  The script for his example is mentioned below:




Echo “We hereby." $variable. "<br/>";

Echo "Hai." $VARIABLE. “<br/>”;


The output we get is:

We hereby welcome

Hai friends

Having advantages like flexibility and easiness in using PHP scripting language, it helps many developers in fixing the debugs easily unlike other programming languages.  PHP can be connected to various databases easily. Therefore, the purpose of SEO is solved when the content is managed properly using WordPress which is based on PHP scripts.

PHP is normally suitable for smaller applications.  For large applications, this does not suit.  Secondly, everyone can see the PHP codes since it is open for everyone.  So, the security factor is lost.  In competition, some secrecy also has to be maintained.

When it comes to SEO, the more you go in depth, the more you will learn.  Not only SEO but about all other related matters.  As a businessperson, it is good to have knowledge about latest technology, but you need to concentrate on developing your business also.  In case you are facing problems in writing content or tagging your content to HTML, it is best you approach a good professional who deals all matters related to digital marketing. Gold Coast is one such company which is experienced in all fields of digital marketing. You can get professional services from experienced individuals at a cost-effective rate.

If you want to know more about SEO, PHP, and WordPress, then simply check out the other blogs. Our blogs are written with the motto of providing readers with extensive knowledge on the focused topics.

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