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A Look at Some Smart Ways to Use SEO As Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Cindy Allen
May 09, 2018

Cindy Allen

Cindy Allen is a social media blogger who has been working as a digital marketing professional in a local SEO firm. A social influencer and a voracious reader, Cindy shares insightful articles on SEO and online marketing in her blog.

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Today, the majority of established and start-up entrepreneurs know that SEO is essential for running a successful business online. However, they might need a little assistance in channelling their overall marketing strategy. By optimising your business website for both search engines and users, you can present your brand on a global platform.


However, this is the starting point for many entrepreneurs in developing an ongoing revenue flow. For anyone seeking longevity and growth in business, deploying a data-driven marketing strategy is essential for generating repeat business. Once done, it is critical for you to re-assess your data and re-construct the plan to woo in potential customers and retain the present clientele. As time passes by, you can generate a recycling funnel system that produces revenue on an ongoing basis. That is what is called a data-driven marketing system.


If you want to use SEO in clever ways to enhance your online marketing efforts, the following tactics will be of help.


Stay clued into the technology trends

Recent surveys highlight that about 64% of respondents feel that implementing a data-driven marketing plan is the key to successful online business. Technology enhances on a daily basis, making new services accessible. So, learning what is present and how it can be of help to your business is essential for growth and expansion. If your company is not marching ahead with technological changes, then your bottom line will weaken, and your web traffic will become sluggish. Be thoroughly updated on the way Google ranks sites and utilise the Analytics tools as well. It will pave the way for an excellent digital marketing campaign. 


Pay close attention to content quality

Every entrepreneur wants its existing and potential customers to browse through their website and stay for as long as possible. Research indicates that an average person spends as much as 15 seconds to close to 1 minute on a site and then moves on to the other. High quality and plagiarism-free content that is compelling to read always grabs the users' attention. Also, high-quality content on a webpage has the potential to convert a random visitor to a diligent brand follower and ultimately a loyal customer. 


Efficiently optimise the content

It is tough to ensure that you will have the number one rank on prominent search engines as you start implementing your SEO strategies. However, the objective to see yourself within the top 30 is a good place to start. Just in case you wish to position yourself between 10 and 15 ranks, you must tweak your existing content a bit so that it garners increased web traffic.


It is imperative to have a description and title that comprises of keywords for every page of the website. Simultaneously, add text to the pictures using alt text option. Images that you choose to use on the site must be appealing and of high quality. Unfortunately, search engines are not able to screen pictures. So add the website name or a short description about your business on the picture files as well. It will add value to your online marketing plan and the outcome.


Utilise external links

It is natural for entrepreneurs to think that adding an external link to their site might cost them with ranks! The obvious question is - why would you want to shift the attention from your website to someone else's? The truth is that having two external links enhances SEO. So ensure that you can link two insightful articles, but make sure they are not of other market players in the same field. For instance, if your company is all about sugar-free cupcakes in Vermont, you could link it to a website that explains the sales and popularity of sugar-free cakes and desserts.


Website marketing and optimisation strategies

Today there are several ways for data collation. The way you utilise it will dictate your online business success. According to leading SEO experts, online marketing comes equipped with tracking capacities that develop data. The ultimate challenge lies in selecting the most crucial data for evaluating. Business owners can get overwhelmed with the excess data that is available.


Hence, researching on the competition that your brand has to face is a smart place to start when you are establishing a website that is aimed to attract customers. You should also put efforts in making visitors stay on the site through quality involvement on the page. With a bit of studying, you have the chance to find out the elements that are and are not compatible with your digital marketing strategy.


Every entrepreneur wants to succeed in the online game! SEO, when implemented well, can change the course of your online business journey from average to stellar. However, not many online business owners are clued into the apt SEO strategies that are beneficial for online marketing. Following the above mentioned ways will boost your online business, enhance brand awareness and result in better conversion rates.

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