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Ensure Social Media Success with These Smart SEO Tactics for Facebook

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Arya Stark
April 11, 2018

Arya Stark
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SEO is evolving end-to-end to adapt to Google’s changing algorithms. Furthermore, according to a study titled, "State of Search Marketing Report 2013", approximately 82% of online marketing agencies and 74% companies have stated that social media occupies an integral part of their SEO strategy. We have come a long way from then, and the percentage of agencies and organizations supporting this view has only increased, which is evident in the phenomenal expansion of the social media platforms. 


The prominence and promise of Facebook SEO

Latest research reveals that approximately 47% Americans feel that Facebook has a significant impact on their buying decisions more than any other social networking platform. To add to that, about 78% of a brand's Facebook followers presently use its services or products! All these facts might compel you to wonder if Facebook SEO impacts website ranking as well? It is interesting to note that social media links are of top-notch quality as these sites enjoy a high web authority.


Facebook Pages are now looked upon as "second home pages" for online businesses. More and more companies are creating their pages on this platform and trying to hone their marketing skills. On the other hand, Facebook is also offering several scopes for these pages to gather increased organic traffic. With engaging content on your FB page, you can easily divert visitors to your official website. It will not only increase site traffic, but it will also improve search rankings.


Easy and effective SEO tactics for Facebook

The impressive "viral channels" that Facebook offers such as messages, invitations and news feed are instrumental in disseminating content all across the platform. However, there is more to explore. When you apply critical SEO tactics to your Facebook business page, you can enjoy an increased follower base, better reach, website visits and increased sales. You can even contact a link building company to find out how the platform helps to propel your SEO game.


Regardless of whether you own an established business or a startup company, you can enhance your online reach by combining SEO best practices with Facebook. Here are the best Facebook SEO tactics to implement.  


Decide on a unique name for your Facebook page and stick to it


Selecting a name that fits your brand identity is essential! The mistake that most business owners make is to add the page name with bulk words. It can work against the viral expansion of your page. When the page name appears as a "spam," followers tend to draw a poor opinion of it and stop visiting it. It will hurt your SEO and page rankings. So keep a name that reads and sounds authentic. Ensure that it is neither generic nor spammy.


Facebook has become exceedingly strict with pages with generic names, and it also restricts their reach. So the smart way out is to stick to your brand's or company's original name as the Page Name. Do not change it under any misleading guidance as it will eat away at your SEO brownie points.


Choose an apt Facebook URL

Facebook provides brands and entrepreneurs the scope for selecting a vanity URL, which is the username for your company's Facebook Page. It paves the path for conducting online business in a streamlined manner. Here, you can add the targeted keywords for SEO instead of using the Page Name. Even though Facebook dislikes generic URLs, there are scopes for brands and businesses to procure standard common usernames or choose URLs that blend their original name and other generic keywords. 


Utilize the "Info" tab to include rich texts, keywords and high-end links on the page

Facebook helps you to generate an "Info" option on each page having fields that need to be filled out with metadata about the page. It offers the scope of adding keywords and links that will maximize your content quality and enhance your visibility. The critical fields where you need to add data includes the:


  • Address/State/City and the Pin Code
  • Company objective/Brand mission and service/product details for product/service searches


Make use of the "About" section to add a keyword-rich description

It is perhaps one of the most critical steps to optimizing a Facebook page. You can use the "about" section to tell the audience about your business and the page. You can use this opportunity to add some targeted keywords in description. The "about" column also signifies the top position in CSS structure of this page. Here's what you need to remember when crafting a compelling "about" section.


First, you need to click on the "write something about (Your Page)" option in the area under your profile picture. You have to write a description with no more than 250 characters. Here, you need to be precise, smart and careful in selecting what you want to say.


Set up “Static FBML” tabs and boxes to plant static links and detailed content to your page

You will find limited scopes to keep huge static texts on your default tab on the page. However, the benefit is that Facebook enables Page owners to generate extra tabs or boxes that can contain additional images, links, texts, and static content. It is an effective way to enhance the content density of your page.


You can share your website links in the page stream

On Facebook, your status updates are the best way to keep direct links close to the top of the CCS structure of the Page. Google boosts Facebook pages with authentic links. It rules out links from insignificant sites. Hence, sharing links in status updates is a promising way to enhance your page's link score. You could do it in two simple ways. First, add the raw URL in status update text bar. Second, use "attach link" option in Facebook publisher.


“Do you have a Facebook Page?” That is what most customers are keen to ask their favorite brands and companies. Facebook is a crucial tool to keep your customers engaged and interested in your brand's story and offerings. If you want to boost your Facebook business page and website traffic, these smart SEO tactics will come to help!

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