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Strategically Pair Email Marketing and Instagram For Business Success

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Charlie Brown
March 22, 2018

Charlie Brown
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Both email marketing and Instagram are great marketing tools for your business. Independently they can positively transform your business if you use them in the right way. However, if you strategically pair them up, you will find you enjoy greater business success and rewards. Both small andlarge-scale business houses can benefit with the teaming up of Instagram and email marketing. Now, the vital question here is how?

Adding an Instagram feed to your marketing emails

When have you decided to combine the power of email marketing with Instagram the question that comes to your mind is how? Experts in the field of digital media say that adding an Instagram feed into your emails. Remember that Instagram is a visual platform and so your content should consist of images and videos that are high in quality. Customers do not have the time to read through lengthy emails and so if you use a lot of visual representation in your emails you can reach out to them successfully.

Use the right hashtags for the image or video that you want your customers to see

When you include an Instagram feed in your email, you need to create positive impressions and encourage more potential customers to get in touch with you. Here, you should use the hashtag feed to ensure your posts fall into the right category. This will help you to promote your products to the targeted customer and get more followers for Instagram for your business brand.

Encourage email signups for contests that encourage your followers to participate

You can invoke more customer engagement if you give them to change to sign up for your emails for contests. You can also give them gifts to the winner. This gesture not only invokes more customer engagement but it also helps you to make your present customers brand ambassadors of your brand. Of course, the content of the email should be catchy and able to grab attention so that users resort to a call to action. The contests or the competition you offer them can be photo sharing. The participation here is simple, and participants just need to click pictures and upload them to your Instagram Page where the link to the photo-sharing contest is given.

Understand your business and know what works for your business brand

You as a business owner, should understand your business and know what works for your brand. Once you understand the needs of your business, you can create a customized Instagram marketing strategy for the purpose. Create a short- term and long- term strategy for posting content so that you enjoy consistent inbound traffic and better sales conversions for your brand.

Last but not the least, be consistent with your efforts and always use high-quality visual representation when you are posting on Instagram or using email marketing to reach out to the targeted audience. If you are creative and innovative in your approach, you can reach out to the targeted customer in an effective way with success!

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