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Revealing Back Link Building Facts in 2017

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Derek Iwasiuk
June 14, 2017

Derek Iwasiuk

The more links you build, the more traffic you get. Derek Iwasiuk is an SEO expert with exceptional link building skills. For more back linking in 2017 facts, visit his blog. You can as well follow Derek on his twitter handle @

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Are you a webmaster? If yes, then you know for a fact that webmasters are quite passionate about generating links to their sites. The idea behind it all is the fact that link building helps sites get a good ranking on SERPs (search engine results page).

However, how this happens is not clear to all webmasters and aspiring SEOs. Additionally, the fact that SEO keeps on changing is also a challenge that SEO consultants have to face every now and then. For this reason, you can never be too sure about your SEO skills. So, whether you are a professional expert or just a beginner, keep reading.

Firstly, it is well known that Google and other search engines will use links to rank your website. This is one of the reasons why webmasters around the globe have a huge obsession with creating links for their websites. The most important question to ask is; how do you get links to your website?

The most obvious technique that most people are used to is through blog commenting and participating in forums. As much as these two are good link building techniques, they offer limited valuecompared to the following tactics.

  • The skyscraper technique

Need your content to explode across all search engines? Then the skyscraper technique will work just fine for you. This technique involves reviewing content that is already existent, preferably from your competitors with the intention of going through their keyword list. After doing a thorough research on the keywords, you can then sit back and generate content that is more comprehensive than the pieces that are already ranking on Google and Yahoo.

  • Backlink your site

Back linking in 2017 is one of the most valued link building tactics. Imagine getting different websites or webpages to agree to link back to your site. That would give you a greater advantage when it comes to advanced SEO strategies.It being a major metric in SEO and search engine ranking, it will totally beworth it to try back linking.

  • Participate in guest posting

Nowadays, this technique has become a much appreciated one. If you want to build a good relationship with other bloggers and gather valuable links in the process, then it is high time you tried guest posting. Explore different websites within your niche and find those that allow guest bloggers to post on their sites. Believe me, by so doing, you will add more value to your website.

  • Build info graphics

Since the invention of SEO, info graphics have remained to be one of the most powerful tools for generating backlinks. Most people are reluctant about building info graphics because they believe that it is ridiculously expensive. Well, it might interest you to know that there are tools like Piktochart which allow webmasters to build info graphics for free.

Key Points to Note

Link building techniques are legitimate, white hat and natural, which is attractive to Google, Yahoo and other recognized search engines. However there are other techniques that are classified as black hat which tend to violate search engines’ webmaster guidelines and are normally labelled as spam.

Therefore, having in mind that link building is an important part of search engine optimization, ensure than you create quality links for your site. Avoid links that could be labelled as spam as this might look bad on your side.

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