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The purpose of this script is to enhance the functionality of the Macromedia Flash DataGrid component. By simply including these extensions in your Flash movie, you immediately have access to about a dozen special 'extensions' to manipulate your data and DataGrid display in ways that would otherwise not be possible. Summary of the Extensions: 1. Display alternating color rows in a DataGrid, while keeping specific columns all a single color. 2. Change the colors of specific header backgrounds. Currently, one can change the color of the entire header row via the 'header' style property, but not of any specific one. This feature gets around that limitation. 3. Modify the cell properties (e.g. background color, text style, font properties, etc.) of any particular cell in the DataGrid. You can also set the vertical alignment of cells and cell headers. 4. Toggle horizontal gridlines on/off. In the DataGrid component as provided by Macromedia, it is only possible to toggle vertical gridlines. Now you can do both horizontal and vertical! 5. Special 'Prefix and 'Suffix' formatting can be applied to any cell to give it a particular 'format' - e.g. currency or percentage formats. 6. Cells can have formatting 'callback' functions associated with them such that when a user clicks on a cell, a callback function defined in the _root level. For example in the demo, the callback function reverses the order of the words in the cell. In addition, a 'cellClickHandler' has been set for the last column (salary) in the demo. 7. Toggle on/off horizontal gridlines, and change the thickness and color of any gridline - horizontal OR vertical. 8. Set URL links on any cell very easily - http as well as mailto links. 9. Set row height auto-sizing and auto-wrapping, for multiple-row display in grid cells. 10 Enable horizontal scrollbar. 11. Set adjustable header heights.

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