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E-Blah is a perl-based forum system that can power your website community with a fast, free, secure, stable, and very reliable backend. E-Blah boasts thousands of features, some of which includes sub-forums, member groups, and portal, among many others.

Features Include ...
    • Powerful fully featured administrator center and moderator options
    • Fully featured private messaging system
    • Password and member group security for boards and categories
    • Click Logging, with detailed click tracking
    • Sticky Threads, Merging Threads, Splitting Threads and Polls
    • Web Portal and News with Online Users Syndication (with RSS Feed)
    • Forum Modifications Support, Language Support, and Themes Support
    • Free support from the very courteous staff on the forums
    • Apache mod_rewrite is supported
    • Plus, many more features!

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