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Ernie's EveryAuction 1.53 Script & Add-On Codebase


The World's most comprehensive EveryAuction 1.53 Script & Add-On related Database has now been released in reaction to the sudden closure of Everysoft's Member Forum & Add-On Codebase. If you plan to enhance your existing EA 1.5x Auction Script, you need the huge Info-Base provided by Ernie.

You find all important EveryAuction 1.5x based Mods on this Site back to the Year 2000.Many fine Contributors have spent countless hours working on these add-ons and they deserve credit: Stuart Jones, Chris H, Tetramin, MagicChris, Millennium, Hacker, Madclicker, Michael Labrecque, Dr.Pixel, Mac TheKnife, Mike B, Michael Ammar, Splatt, Chappy, Pro Z, Tom Z., Farmboy, Goofy, Vensub, Les, Crazyray, Rich, Cleodelia, Rasman, IWANA, Robert Sailor, Billy the Kid, Scott Lewis, Les Dixon, Leigh Ward, ryche88OM, Richard Thomas,, Wertus, Ernie, Dingofx etc. ! I know that Mr. DieterW does not like this to be here but who cares...

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Added: Tue Jan 02 2007 Last Modify: Tue Jan 02 2007
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