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Cemaphore Systems MailShadow Making Enterprise Level E-Mail Continuity and Disaster Recovery Accessible for the SMB

December 14, 2007; 07:08 AM

SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cemaphore Systems, the industrys leading provider of e-mail continuity and content management, is making enterprise level e-mail continuity and disaster recovery available for the SMB market via MailShadow®.

While MailShadow is quickly establishing itself as the premiere solution for enterprise customers, its transaction-based architecture and lightning fast failover times are making it the first viable enterprise-level solution for SMB customers as well.

An increasing number of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and integrators are offering MailShadow protection to their IT customers as a hosted solution. Companies can purchase the number of mailboxes and gigabytes of storage they need as opposed to having to own and set up geographically distributed MailShadow servers on their own.

Integrators such as 4IT (, of Southern Florida, value the MailShadow solution for the transaction-based replication model it employs.

Most disaster recovery solutions for Outlook need constant manual intervention, require software to be loaded onto the existing Exchange server(s), only replicates at the file or block level and does not check for the integrity of the data thats being replicated. Add on the uncertainty of recovering the DR Exchange server, and traditional disaster recovery is a risky solution for anyone in the SMB space, Alex Freund, CEO of 4IT says. With MailShadow, each mailbox corresponds to a second shadow address. Every transaction that happens to one is immediately replicated on the other. Failover is simple; with a simple right-mouse click, you failover the mailbox, and the user(s) is now pointed to and using the Shadow Mailbox almost instantaneously. If the user is online, they simply click OK to acknowledge the change, or if theyre offline, the failover happens seamlessly.

For SMBs, obtaining MailShadow as a hosted solution allows them to choose which mailboxes they want to back up and to pay by mailbox, not by the store, and by the amount of storage they use.

For a client with 25 mailboxes and one Exchange store with 35 gigabytes, for example, a small company can have the same e-mail continuity as an enterprise organization for a cost of approximately $675 per month, Freund said.

Not only does MailShadow serve the SMB market like no other solutions, but its unique architecture also scales to support the enterprise customers with large Exchange organizations.

The newest version of MailShadow also can be used as a migration tool to migrate to Exchange 2007 (or from Exchange 2000 to 2003) much more quickly, makes the process seamless and virtually risk free, and without having to schedule migration downtime.

By provisioning ShadowMailboxes on Exchange 2007, the Exchange administrator can also verify that the new environment is operating correctly before making the failover permanent and the migration final.

MailShadow is widely used across many vertical industries, including financial, government and legal services. MailShadow takes a unique approach to messaging continuity by replicating transactions from selected mailboxes to corresponding ShadowMailboxes on a live recovery Exchange server in a remote location. The data is replicated and transmitted across the WAN by a pair of MailShadow gateways without the heavy Exchange server and bandwidth demands that are inherent in other disaster recovery solutions. Additionally, MailShadow is streamlined to protect only the mailboxes marked for messaging continuity, which further minimizes the resources required.

MailShadow 2.2 is available from Cemaphore or through Cemaphore channel partners. Pricing varies with numbers of mailboxes included in the disaster recovery model required.

About Cemaphore Systems, Inc.

Cemaphore Systems is the leading provider of e-mail continuity and disaster recovery for Microsoft Exchange. Cemaphore has built a deep expertise in Exchange transaction technology to develop solutions that ensure the availability, integrity and reliability of messaging services. Mayfield, Worldview Technology Partners, and vSpring Capital have provided funding for Cemaphore teams in Provo, UT and San Mateo, CA. For additional information, please call 650-227-5400 or visit the company's Web site at

About MailShadow

MailShadow® protects your Exchange system at the transaction level by replicating selected mailboxes from multiple Exchange servers to one or more active disaster recovery (DR) Exchange servers. Using a service account to acquire message transactions removes the need to install any software on the Exchange servers. MailShadow uses transaction replication technology to move all Exchange content, including email, calendars and contacts, to the recovery Exchange server, and checks the integrity of all data prior to forwarding transactions. After failover, Outlook, OWA, ActiveSync, Blackberry, etc. are fully functional, and complete mailbox content is available. Both recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives are less than 10 minutes.




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