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Micronovae Ltd Releases IIS Mod-Rewrite Pro v3.0, Mod_Rewrite Compatible URL Rewriting Tool for IIS

December 12, 2007; 08:45 AM
(PRWEB) December 12, 2007 -- Micronovae Ltd. ( announces the release of IIS Mod-Rewrite Pro v3.0, a powerful URL rewriting module for Microsoft's IIS webserver that helps web administrators and web developers in solving a wide range or productivity and security issues. It is the first 100% "Apache mod_rewrite" compatible solution for IIS, making the migration of URL rewriting configurations between these two major webservers as easy as never before.

IIS Mod-Rewrite Pro v3.0, while based on the unparallel stability and robustness of its predecessor's core engine, it offers improved mod_rewrite compatibility and also introduces a new intuitive user interface with a rich set of productivity tools. The most powerful among the new features is the diagnostics tool which scans and reports all possible points of failure, substantially speeding up troubleshooting and technical support. This feature is extremely useful especially for live production web applications, where quick recovery is crucial.

Additional new features make IIS Mod-Rewrite Pro a major solution. The built-in configuration manager/editor makes the creation and maintenance of distributed configuration files a fairly easy task. Also, the new website selection tool is specifically designed for web hosting providers. Administrators are just one click away from choosing which websites can use IIS Mod-Rewrite Pro. Finally, the support for execution of external programs or scripts brings practically unlimited capabilities. Using external programs, IIS Mod-Rewrite can access external databases, perform sophisticated text processing, connect to other services, and generally execute any programmatic routine.

IIS Mod-Rewrite Pro v3.0 provides great flexibility in creating diverse URL rewriting configurations by supporting three inheritable configuration levels: per-server, per-virtual host, and per-directory. Additionally, it supports distributed configurations, well known from the Apache world as ".htaccess" configurations. This feature is ideal for web hosting providers allowing their clients to use their own URL rewriting configurations without affecting other clients' websites.

The following list presents a small sample of practical solutions using IIS Mod-Rewrite:

  • Optimize websites for indexing by search engines
  • Make URLs human friendly
  • Increase security by forbidding access to sensitive resources
  • Manage traffic redirection
  • Block undesired traffic from a web server
  • Serve different files for different browsers
  • Create custom URL schemas
  • Handle load balancing on a cluster of web servers

Pricing and availability:
IIS Mod-Rewrite Pro v3.0 costs $150 per single server license and it is available for download and for evaluation at A "Standard" version is also available at the price of $75 and supports all the features of "Pro" version except for ".htaccess" and per-directory configuration support.

About Micronovae Ltd:
Micronovae Ltd, creator of IIS Mod-Rewrite and C++ Server Pages, is a company with high experience in development of robust server side products and solutions. Micronovae Ltd has also long experience in developing and supporting custom IT solutions for the highly demanding electric power distribution industry.

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Mail address:
Micronovae Ltd,
M.Psellou 13,
GR-54655 Thessaloniki, Greece

Contact: George Papanikolaou
Company: Micronovae Ltd
E-mail: gepap(at)
Phone: +302310801509




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