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Perl and CGI for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide (2nd Edition)
by Elizabeth Castro

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New edition of a resource that shows how to create useful new scripts or adapt existing ones to individual needs. Castro (author of several books about the Web) tells how to set up and install a local server in order to learn.Perl and test scripts without signing up with a commercial Web host; place forms on Web sites that collect and process user input such as product orders and comments; use, the standard Perl module for analyzing incoming form data; and how to debug and use security techniques.Book News, Inc.

Reviewer: Harold McFarland (see more about me) from Florida.
Although I am computer knowledgeable and have several certifications, I knew absolutely nothing about Perl and CGI before reading this text. I looked at several other texts that were larger but seemed to contain a lot more fluff instead of actually useful information. This book was excellent for learning Perl and CGI starting from complete ground zero.
Within hours I was creating and testing scripts and actually wrote one to do what I needed done. I also downloaded another script that would not work and was able to troubleshoot and fix it to do what I needed.
An excellent book that walks you through the steps one item at a time it was easy to understand and work through.
One of the things that this book contained that I did not see in other books was instructions on how to download, install and setup a personal server so that you can test the scripts you write as you learn. This information alone makes this book superior to most others. There is no better learning environment than being able to actually write and test the scripts.
Some HTML knowledge is assumed, however it is very little. Picking up a basic HTML book allows you to quickly come up to speed with the knowledge assumed. On the other hand, the required HTML knowledge is easily obtained from various sites on the Internet.
I could not recommend this book highly enough for anyone who needs to learn Perl and CGI basics and needs to get up to speed as soon as possible.



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