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Ernie's enhanced EveryAuction 1.53 XXL online Auction Scripts


Based on the popular EveryAuction from Matt Hahnfeld, the EveryAuction 1.53 CGI-based Auction software has been optimized for higher security and includes most needed addons and Updates. Ernie's Professional Auction Online Auction based Website Design, combined with the sophisticated EveryAuction 1.53 XXL Script Setup. Includes SuperCat Design, Multiple Image Upload, Secure User Registration, User Accounting, encoded Login/Logout Function, Seller / Buyer Feedback, Seller modify or delete Auction, Buyit-Now Button, PayPal Buynow Function, Bidder retract last Bid, Wanted Item Classified Section, Forum Chat and much more. EveryAuction 1.53 XXL, the full size Software Solution for demanding Auction Sites, exclusively designed by Ernie. My EveryAuction Service division was launched in response to a growing number of siteowners looking for a reliable online Auction Script and a TurnKey Script Site Plattform that offeres a wide range of features, yet easy-to-use and flexible enough to grow with their business.

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