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Tcl/Tk 8.4.12 Released

December 5, 2005; 07:46 AM

Join the many thousands of software developers who are already more productive with help from the Tcl programming language and the Tk graphical user interface toolkit.

The exact changes and ChangeLog for each release are available in the SourceForge Tcl project's file distribution area, and are also included in each distribution.

Download Tcl/Tk 8.4.12 Source Releases


Remember: For other ways to obtain Tcl/Tk (such as binary distributions, or diferent versions) see the main Tcl/Tk page.

New Tcl/Tk 8.4 Features

The 8.4 release was a long time in development, and brought about many great enhancements to Tcl/Tk.

  • 64-bit file system support (where the OS supports it)
  • 64-bit expr support at the Tcl level (even on 32-bit OSes)
  • serial port support (Windows / Unix)
  • numerous performance enhancements
  • support for starkits (aka scripted documents)
  • improved escape-based encoding support (i.e. iso2022-jp)
  • improved threading support
  • new virtual file system
  • new lset command
  • command enhancements (regsub, trace, lindex, lsearch)
  • new eq and ne operators for expr
  • updated tcltest, http and msgcat packages
  • widget enhancements
  • new spinbox, panedwindow and labelframe widgets
  • compound buttons / labels / menu items
  • undo/redo support in the text widget
  • native Aqua support for OS X
  • improved image transparency support
  • platform specific wm attributes command
  • extended documentation



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