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DBI Prevents Identity Theft With New Release of Brother-WatchDog Digital Surveillance Solution for Oracle and DB2


Tuesday, November 14, 2006; 09:24 AM

Database-Brothers, Inc., a provider of database performance and accountability solutions for Oracle and DB2 LUW, announced a new version of Brother-WatchDog, a software solution designed to capture and record database activities to create immutable audit trails and hold privileged users accountable. Featuring robust data auditing capabilities for both Oracle and DB2 LUW databases, Brother-WatchDog helps organizations fight the risks of identity and information theft, enables PCI and HIPAA compliance and improves SOX preventative and detective internal controls.

"Today's corporate data is literally naked and exposed to the increasing risk of theft," said Scott Hayes, CEO and founder of DBI. "From personal credit card data to private medical records, today's businesses are an open buffet of information. And yet, even though their most valuable data assets are exposed, businesses around the globe lack the data auditing tools necessary to identify data breaches. This means that any privileged user with data access rights can come right in and consume as much data as they want without detection."

"Through detection of unusual behavior, database activity monitoring can limit insider misuse of database systems, enforce separation of duties for database administrators and limit certain external attacks - all without affecting database performance, requiring structural database changes or forcing application changes," said Rich Mogull, research vice president, Gartner in the July 12, 2006 Gartner research note: "Top Five Steps to Prevent Data Loss and Information Leaks."

"The risk of identity theft is further exacerbated by the increasing use of business process outsourcing, and the out-sourcing of out-sourcing," said Marie Buretta, an IBM GOLD Consultant. "The result is that poorly encrypted data is copied and sent, copied and sent, copied and sent - from outsourcer to outsourcer. This means sensitive data, that can in many situations be easily decoded, is now all over the globe. There is simply no audit trail of who has the data, how many times it has been copied and forwarded, and how to reel it in after the outsourcing effort is complete. It is just a security disaster waiting to happen."

Digital Surveillance with Brother-WatchDog

DBI's new release of Brother-WatchDog is a powerful database activity monitoring and auditing solution designed to track access and updates to corporate database data according to configurable business process guidelines. Like a video camera, Brother-WatchDog captures and records all configured data activities to create immutable audit trails and hold privileged users accountable. Brother-WatchDog tracks Web application end user identities and locations, and correlates them to their database statement activities. This gives companies the power to hold all privileged users - including DBAs,

decision analysts, clients and application users - accountable for the data they change or simply view.

Brother-WatchDog can answer: * Who initiated data access or updates * What data was accessed or updated * Where the activity originated from (specifically, what IP Address) * When the database activity occurred (date and time) * How much data was impacted * Whether the access or update succeeded or failed * What was the cost of the activity

Using an unobtrusive Web Server "zap," the new version captures end user identity and location "fingerprint" information and passes this fingerprint into the audited database via the existing connection pool. Here Brother- WatchDog correlates the fingerprint identity to its database activities. This information is secured using tamper evident seals, or digital signatures, to assure management and auditors that the audit data accurately reflects genuine database activities.

With a portfolio of "out-of-the-box" built-in reports, Brother-WatchDog provides immediate insight into suspicious and actionable database activities. Flexible, easy-to-use customizable ad hoc reporting features help customers to quickly find "needles in haystacks" or perform forensic data research. Brother-WatchDog can span a heterogeneous database enterprise to provide audit capabilities across an entire organization.

Promotion, Pricing and Availability

Over 71 percent of data breaches in 2006 have occurred in government, higher education and healthcare organizations. To help fight the war on identity theft and help eliminate data crimes and corruption worldwide, DBI is offering free licenses of the newest Brother-WatchDog database auditing software solution to organizations in these three industries. Free licenses will be available, for up to 2 CPUs, for all orders placed by government, higher education and healthcare organizations before December 31, 2006.

Brother-WatchDog for Oracle, with support for Oracle 9.2 and 10g, and Brother-WatchDog for DB2 are both available now. Non-promotional pricing starts at $10,785 per CPU. US patent pending.



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