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Sendmail Announces Winners of First Annual Innovation Awards


Thursday, October 26, 2006; 06:20 AM

Last evening at its 25 Years of Internet Mail celebration event, taking place at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, Sendmail, Inc., a leading provider of trusted messaging, announced the recipients of its inaugural Innovation Awards. Eight recipients from across the globe were recognized for the dramatic impact they have made to Internet communications and security using Sendmail technology. Of note, awards were given to BT (formerly British Telecom) for their “breakthrough in content inspection gateways”; for using the Sendmail MTA to deliver the first Internet-based paging/FAX solution, and Tim Martin for SMTP Authentication, the predominant Internet authentication method in use today.

The Sendmail Innovation Awards honored companies in three categories: Innovative Use of the Sendmail Mail Transfer Agent (MTA); Innovative Open Source Contribution and Sendmail Milter Innovation. Drawing from Sendmail’s roots in innovation and with a vision for the future of secure and trusted messaging, Sendmail selected the award winners after evaluating hundreds of enterprise deployment scenarios and contributions to Open Source. Each of the winners demonstrated excellence in developing one-of-a-kind Internet Mail solutions showing unusual creativity, providing best practice standards and providing measurable impact on solving real-world problems.

"As the most widely used MTA in the world, Sendmail is critical to the communications infrastructures of thousands of organizations, and we are pleased to recognize some truly ground-breaking contributions and customer implementations with our first annual innovation awards,” said Donald Massaro, Sendmail CEO. “We congratulate our impressive list of award winners and look forward to working closely with them and our other customers and partners to ensure that we continue to deliver the right solutions to best meet their needs.”

The 2006 Sendmail Innovation Award winners announced include:

Innovative Use of the Sendmail MTA

  • U.S. Winner: - Carl Malamud and Marshall T. Rose for their innovation providing the first Internet-based faxing and paging solution using the Sendmail MTA ( Rather than relying on the public switched telephone network (PSTN), Malamud and Rose used email as a vehicle for providing the first large-scale use of the Internet as a bypass mechanism for traditional PSTN value-added services, such as fax or paging. provided free faxing to over 14 countries upon launch in 1993.
  • EMEA Winner: BT (British Telecom) - Project Director, Alan Williams and Lead Architect, Mike Pannell for the Internet Gateway Service (IGS) team, which provides a secure, fully redundant Email Gateway for the UK Government. IGS has set the standard for email content inspection and delivery. A large proportion of Sendmail's architectural expertise was proven during the building of these gateways; one of the largest and most complex implementations built on Sendmail -- both Open Source and commercial -- anywhere.

"The BT IGS team is excited about the work its accomplished with Sendmail over several years to develop an email technology roadmap," said Project Director, Alan Williams of BT. "We have developed some ground breaking content delivery policies to meet the exacting standards of our customer. Sendmail has been with us all the way and we look forward to many more years of this working relationship.”

Innovative Open Source Contribution

  • Co-winner: Tim Martin – is being recognized for his Sendmail SMTP Authentication implementation: client authentication for client to server transactions. This significant innovation is the predominant Internet authentication method in use today. Tim built this while at Carnegie Mellon.
  • Co-winner: John Myers – for his innovation of LMTP (local mail transport protocol). Created on sendmail, this implementation modified SMTP for local delivery and is now accepted as the Internet Standard for local mail delivery. LMTP also enables, per-user filtering. John built this while at Carnegie Mellon. Among numerous contributions to sendmail Open Source, John wrote the IETF Specification for SMTP Authentication.
  • EMEA Winner: Jose Marcio Martins da Cruz, Ecole des Mines de Paris – for his contributions to libmilter (the library that implements the Milter protocol and provides the API to applications). This contribution delivered an alternative implementation of the threading model, providing improved performance for operating systems such as Linux.
  • Asia Winner: Motonori Makamura – for his contribution of readying Sendmail for IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6), which prepares Sendmail for the next generation of the Internet and longer address lengths (128 bits versus 32 bits) that are, for example, of importance in Asia.

Sendmail Milter Innovation

  • Global Winner: Postfix - Wietse Venema, author for his contribution of extending Milter functionality to the Postfix MTA. This significant achievement underscores the value of the Milter API and its importance to Trusted Internet Communications.

Sendmail is a leading provider of trusted messaging for clean, compliant, secure and authenticated communications. Based on the world’s first Internet Mail server, developed 25 years ago by Sendmail founder Eric Allman, only Sendmail provides enterprises directory-driven, policy-based message processing to address both internal and external threats in a single, integrated platform. Large enterprises across 33 countries, including the majority of the Fortune 1000, rely on Sendmail to protect sensitive data and intellectual property, eliminate unwanted messages and effectively manage their mail stream to maintain brand and shareholder value, and comply with security and regulatory policies. Sendmail is headquartered in Emeryville, CA, with offices and distributors in Europe, Asia and North America.



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