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Trolltech Releases Technology Preview of Qt for Java Development


Wednesday, August 2, 2006; 07:45 AM

Norvegian software company Trolltech released an initial technology preview of Qt Jambi to its commercial customers and the open source community for testing and feedback. Qt Jambi is a prototype technology that enables Java developers to utilize Qt: Trolltech's framework for high-performance, cross-platform applications.

Qt Jambi technology integrates Qt with the Java programming language – providing new possibilities for both Java and C++ programmers.  This technology enables Java developers to take advantage of Qt features from within Java Standard Edition 5.0 and Java Enterprise Edition 5.0, as well as newer versions.

Preliminary documentation, as well as a whitepaper, have been prepared for the technology preview release at 

From the project's website: 

  • For Java developers, Qt Jambi enables the use of the Java programming language to develop rich-client applications with fully native look and feel, that run on Windows, Linux/X11 and Mac OS X – all from a single source code-base.  Qt Jambi makes available the rich cross-platform features of Qt; including a clean, efficient API, efficient inter-object communications, native look and feel on all platforms, and powerful drag-and-drop GUI design and layout management capabilities.

  • For C++ developers, Qt Jambi enables C++ (Qt) and Java code to exist side-by side in a single project, expanding the opportunities for efficient collaboration between C++ and Java programmers in a mixed development team.  Through Qt Jambi, single projects can incorporate both C++ and Java code and skills, more rapidly delivering native, rich-client applications on multiple platforms.



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