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Learn Javascript: 6 Quick Tips for Beginners

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Juliette Anderson
April 07, 2020

Juliette Anderson
Juliette Anderson is an Outreach Community Specialist for an e-commerce fulfillment company that specializes in partnering with online sellers who have an average parcel weight of 5+ pounds or greater. She works hand-in-hand with e-commerce stores to achieve optimal sales for four years already. Her specialty lies in social media marketing and paid promotions.

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Javascript is actually one of the best programming languages in the world and the language of the web.


What's great about it is that you can use it to create games and apps. Also, with the steady rise of the internet of things, there is no denying that Javascript is used on almost all of the digital things that you use.


Why Learn Javascript?

Javascript should not be confused with Java.


The former lets you create highly interactive websites. It is also turned out to be vital technology together with CSS and HTML because a lot of browsers implement Javascript.


Therefore, you should learn Javascript if you are into web development, you are planning to be a front-end developer, or utilizing it for backend development.


Listed below are six tips that will let you learn and master Javascript. This will allow you to be more equipped, and prepare for the future:


Read, read, read

Reading not only allows you to learn about Javascript but also learn about its latest features.


For instance, the book  Professional JavaScript for Web Developers allows you to learn the basics of Javascript, practice what you have learned, and have a solid understanding of the topic.


Aside from books, you should also read articles, as well as posts about Javascript. Try to immerse yourself in learning.


Pace yourself at the beginning

In the process of learning the programming language, you must try to pace yourself in the beginning.


Although you might find the basic concepts to be simple and pretty straightforward, you still need to spend a good amount of time on mastering Javascript so that you gain a much broader understanding of the language that you're trying to learn.


Practice by building simple projects

If you want to be an exceptional web developer or programmer, then you need to commit yourself.


One of the most crucial parts of the learning process is practice. Just like with any other skill, if you do not practice, you will never improve. It is that simple.


You might end up wasting your time if you do not use the time practicing outside of the online courses and books that you read.


According to Kenneth Sytian, a top web designer in the Philippines and founder of Sytian Productions, a great way to practice Javascript is participating in coding challenges.


Doing a quick Google search can reveal a hundred different challenges, which is specifically designed for people who want to learn Javascript.


Pick something simple, or aimed at your current skill level, and do not be afraid to ask for help if needed.


Understand every line of your code

In the process of learning Javascript, you might write a code you do not fully understand. This is true when you are trying to master it through online courses that can give you more complicated directions.


But the thing is, most people simply do not understand what they are writing.


That's why you need to understand every line of code, what it does, and how it impacts your program overall. Each time you write a program, sit down for a couple of minutes to ensure what every little bit of code does.


If you are unsure, you can always go back to your notes, take a look at a language reference guide, or ask someone for help.


Use a good online course

When you're trying to learn something challenging like programming, then it's a good idea to try to use various resources.


Learning Javascript on your own could be difficult, but things will be a whole lot simpler if there's a wide range of resources available to you.


One way you can do that is by using a great online course. So, if you're not yet enrolled in a free or low-cost coding course, you can head over to BitDegree's courses, and start learning more about Javascript.


Connect with a mentor

The process of learning Javascript can be tedious, even boring ? and a lot of times, frustrating.


It can be difficult to stay motivated, and there will be times that you will be tempted to just give up.


If you are feeling this way, then maybe you should connect with a coding mentor. This mentor will help you enhance your coding skills, create great programs, and eventually help you become a career programmer.


If you currently do not have enough budget to pay someone to help you, you can look for a free mentor by attending coding chatrooms and forums online.


You can also attend a local event or meet-up group which allows you to connect with people in your industry. You never know when you might get lucky!

Learning a programming language like Javascript is no walk in the park. It can be challenging. But if you are serious with the idea that you want to become a decent programmer, or scour that job, then you have to learn it and make use of the wide range of resources available to you.

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