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Top 10 E-Commerce Trends to Follow In 2020

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Alexa Bliss
February 20, 2020

Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss is a freelance writer who is associated with Nursing Assignment which is offering Nursing Assignments Help. She is fluent in writing blogs related to management, e-commerce, and marketing and information technology. She has earned Bachelors of Computer Science from Harvard University.

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The world is competitive, and it is constantly developing in E-commerce. E-commerce trends are essential to staying in competition with other organisation. You need to update your e-commerce constantly; otherwise, there is a risk of falling behind. It would help if you made changes to get success in future. As we are moving in 2020, so you should now about the E-commerce trend to get benefit from it. It is vital to adopt the e-commerce trend on time to stay ahead and drive your brand in a forward direction. The followings are the best E-commerce trend which needs to be adopted by you to enhance your business.

1. Online Growth

Sales through e-commerce are growing drastically. People around the globe are shopping from online stores. The online growth is immense, and sales have taken a great leap from 2014, and it will increase in 2021. The more usage of e-commerce lure more people to online shopping. People select online shopping due to their self-comfort. People are trusting more while shopping online, and many sites are made user-friendly. This helps in increasing the growth of online stores.

2. Eco-friendly Topics Effect Consumers

Many organisations and companies mostly affect the environment and surroundings. Brands and enterprises should make some strict actions towards the betterment of the environment. People are more aware and conscious of the environment. Online shopping take a huge step and make their process ego-friendly. Millennial want green consumerism from online stores. E-commerce provides consumers with a more eco-friendly atmosphere for its customers.   


3. Mobile Shopping is increasing

There is a huge increase in mobile commerce. The mobile device is a key factor in ordering online. People around the globe are using mobile phones more, which increases e-commerce sales. E-commerce can improve their mobile services to provide a better experience to their customers which is beneficial for their online business. There is a huge e-commerce growth due to mobile phones and consumers are more confident to order through mobile phones.

4. Voice Commerce

Shopping is common among human beings, but in this modern world, voice shopping is also growing drastically. In the UK, voice shopping is also increasing. This trend is quite famous and might become popular in 2020. Voice shopping provides a platform in which customer can select anything through a verbal explanation. This trend needs to be adopted by the online stores to provide comfort to their customers so that they can purchase the product with ease.

5. Social Media in Ecommerce

Social media is also playing its part in increasing online shopping. Social shoppers love to buy products online and by introducing the Checkout feature on Instagram helps them to buy through social platforms. E-commerce gets significant benefit through social media. Different social sites such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok inspire the customer to buy a product which is beneficial for the e-commerce world. 

6. Mobile Payments

People around the globe are using mobile phones to pay online stores. Mobile payment is common among the online population, and it has risen e-commerce. One of the most useful payment methods is through QR codes. They are becoming popular among people and making a way back in e-commerce as well. Millennial are using QR code more frequently than older people. The importance of mobile payment is different in various regions as in Asia, and it is quite popular. People of China and Hong Kong use mobile payment for online shopping, and it is a standard method. Yet the remaining world is adopting this method, so you can follow this trend to enhance e-commerce.   

7. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a tool which is used by the retailer to enhance their services and provide them with an immense advantage over other retailers. AI tools can solve the personal queries of the customers and provide them with different offers. AI is helpful to forecast the demand of the customer and can optimise the product price and give discounts to customers. This e-commerce trend will be helpful for the retailer to stay in the competition and provide quality services to their customers.   

8. Augmented Reality

People while shopping couldn't be able to see their product but Augmented Reality will help to bridge the gap and provide better visuals of the product. Many online stores are using AR technologies which provide a new and unique way for shopping to their customers which enhance their personalised experience. This e-commerce trend needs to be followed by the stores to allow consumers to test products more effectively.

9. Personalisation is Vital

Personalisation has created a strong relationship with the customer and provides them with a sense of satisfaction. People value their personal experience more, and a poor experience can affect online stores. This e-commerce trend is vital for online stores, so many online stores plan to provide messages, discounts and relevant information for a better experience.  

10. Visual Commerce

Visual commerce is essential to run an online store as consumers cannot interact physically with the products. Visual commerce is improving day by day, and it will improve marketing by including different kinds of visuals. Image-recognition is dominant in North America, and e-commerce stores can use this trend to improve their relationships with customers.

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