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Super-Charge Your Web Site with CGI Scripts

by Zac Hewlett October 11, 2006
If you know basic HTML and know how to use FTP programs like WS_FTP to upload files, chances are you can super-charge your web site with a CGI script in about 30 minutes.

CGI Web Hosting - 3 Essential Scripts for your Business

by John Michaels July 11, 2006
If there's one thing that people love it is a web site that has plenty of automated features. Sites that are highly interactive tend to get the most traffic and generate the most business for the companies that run them.

Finally! The difference between PHP, ASP and other scripting languages

by Paul Hudson July 06, 2006
This article compares some of the popular scripting languages.

ASP, CGI And PHP Scripts And Record-Locking: What Every Webmaster Needs To Know

by Shelley Lowery June 30, 2006
Many of us install server-side (ASP, CGI or PHP) scripts on our web sites, and many of this scripts store data on the server. However, poorly designed scripts can experience performance problems and sometimes even data corruption on busy (and not so busy) web sites.

Why Would You Want To Use Perl Scripts?

by Trever Dellinious June 29, 2006
First let me tell you the history of Perl scripts and then I will go into why I think Perl is the best overall programming language that there is.

Simple Optimization for PHP and MySQL

by June 14, 2006
Here is a list of a few very simple tips for optimizing your php/mysql applications. Keep these in mind while developing.

Perl/Php Translation

by Robert Kline May 29, 2006
A Perl to PHP reference list.

Why Aren't You Using CGI?

by Michael Southon May 12, 2006
The very name CGI used to send chills up my spine. For years I put it in the 'too-hard-basket'. But like most things in life, CGI is not as scary as it seems. If you have a cgi directory on your website and you know how to FTP files, chances are you can have a CGI script up and running in less than 20 minutes.

An Introduction to Perl Programming

by Doug Maxwell April 21, 2006
This presentation is geared towards those with some programming experience, perhaps just not Perl.

My Top Ten Tips on how to become a Rock Star Programmer

by Mikael Grev April 14, 2006
You will notice that there are no micro coding tips&tricks below. No info on how to make a fast for loop or such.

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