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How to Make Your Website Align with Google's Guidelines?

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Alexander Fernandise
February 01, 2019

Alexander Fernandise
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Google is notably the biggest search engine platform today, and there is no parallel to the Google right now. There are some other search engines, like Bing, Yahoo, etc. However, they are not as much popular as Google. Now, when you want to have a website, you would want it to be visible for people. To gain visibility for the website, the best method is to embrace various web marketing strategies. Among those strategies, SEO is the most popular as well as an effective thing. You can make your website to appear at the front pages of Google so that it enjoys high exposure.

SEO brings potential customers to an e-commerce platform. If you are running a blogging website, SEO can fetch you the readers. Now, you need to give focus on Google guidelines. For high-end SEO results, the Google algorithm is essential. Google would not disclose its algorithm, but it has certain guidelines for the website owners. Following the Google guidelines will make your website SEO friendly. If you follow those guidelines, your website can turn highly successful. It will get regular visitors, and it will be popular among the targeted group of audiences.

Now, the question is how you can make the website aligned with Google's guidelines? Well, there are a few ways to do this. These ways are discussed in the following section. We need to follow the preferences of Google on search engine optimisation methods. Once we make the SEO campaign aligned with Google’s preferences, our website shall become highly successful.

Focus on the Small Changes

Big results are often achieved through small changes. This is what happens in case of SEO. For effective SEO campaign, you do not have to make a lot of changes to your existing strategy. If the SEO campaign is not getting the desired response, you need to make a few small changes. These changes could be highly impactful for your overall SEO campaign.

  • If your website does not have meta title and meta tags, you need to add them. Make sure that you use keywords on meta title and description. This small change can boost the SEO performance of your website.
  • Your existing website content is good, but it may need to be revamped. Size of the content can be made a little longer. Moreover, keyword optimisation is needed. Use of too many keywords is not good. Similarly, use of keywords at too low density is also harmful. You should always make keyword density appropriate.
  • Certain grammatical errors in content can cost the loss of efforts in SEO. You need to identify such errors and then correct them with precision.
  • To make the website SEO friendly, you need to follow Google's guideline for adding a privacy policy and disclaimer pages. These pages should be content rich and informative.

Working on the User Experience

Google always prefers those websites that provide a good user experience. That means the website should be simple to be used as well as navigated. It should be poised with all those things that make users satisfied to use the website. Here are a few changes that you should make to enhance the user experience of your website.

  • The text content should be lucid and easy to read. The content must be focused on providing information rather than talking on irrelevant things. So, you need to revamp your content, if you think that it is not as informative as you want it to be.
  • The next step is to check the loading speed of the website. A slow loading website is never loved by anyone. Not just Google, any normal user would find it quite disturbing to visit such a website. You should host the website on a cutting edge server. Nevertheless, large images should be removed from the website so that it can be fast loading.
  • To enhance the user experience, the overall layout of the website should be checked. People should not find any difficulty in finding a page or product on your website. E-commerce users should have a search button so that products can be searched easily.
  • The website background should be plain and simple. The fancy background does not look professional. Moreover, they become disturbing for the readers who are interested in reading the text content of the website.

Revamping the User Interface

Google also has clear guidelines on the interface of the websites. According to this major search engine, every website should look professional and properly organised. Nevertheless, website design should follow minimalism. That means there should not be large images. The images that you use for website designing should be flat as well as minimal. These images will be easy to load, and they are meant for the website readers or visitors. In minimal website design, pictorials are generally used. They look stylish as well as meaningful to the website visitors. SEO is a complicated thing, and thus it should be left to experts for handling. That is the reason why you need a professional SEO agency.

Consolidate Multiple Websites

A person may have a lot of websites, and there is no number of restriction on this. That means a person can have websites as much as he wants as long as he can afford the cost of those websites. However, if you have multiple websites featuring almost identical contents, you need to go for consolidation of those websites. Despite having multiple websites on similar topic or niche, you should have one robust and well-designed website. Google considers it a good practice. Having many websites on the same niche by a single website owner may be regarded as suspicious activity. Some of the websites can be marked as spam as well by Google.

Key Takeaways

From the above section, we have come to know a lot of things about SEO and Google's preference on the search engine optimisation. Knowing the preferences of Google is important, as that will enhance the effectiveness of your SEO campaign. You need to give focus on different aspects of your SEO campaign with perfection.

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