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A quick guide to branded email addresses for your ecommerce business

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James Cummings
January 11, 2019

James Cummings
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In 1971, Ray Tomlinson sent the first email message to himself in what has become one of the most pivotal moments in the history of the internet; and today, more than 205 billion emails are sent and received every day.

Every smart business owner knows that emails play a crucial role in every aspect of running a business, particularly in marketing. The success of your email campaign may be compromised if you don’t have an email account that reflects the serious nature of your business.

Email addresses are the dividing line between a professional business and an unprofessional one. A professional looking email address makes it easy for prospective customers to take your business serious. Just think of how you will rate an email that comes from a Gmail email address and one that comes from a email address. You stand a better chance of succeeding in your ecommerce business if your email address matches the name of your business and website.

Is having a branded email really important for my ecommerce business?

According to research, email marketing has a whooping ROI of 4300%. This is an opportunity you should take advantage of as an ecommerce business. There is the possibility that your mails will be deleted if you insist on using your free email account. Not only will your email address be a turn off for potential readers, but they can mistake your mails for spam and even blacklist you.

Here are the benefits of having a professional email address:

  • A branded email address makes it clear who the email is coming from –

If your email address does not look like it belongs to your business, potential readers will have a hard time believing the mail was sent by you. One survey discovered that one of the factors for high email open rates is who the sender is.

  • It makes people take your business seriously –

People are no longer in a hurry to click open every email that arrives in their inbox. Scams, spam and the high rate of security breaches have made readers cautious and if you want your target readers to read your mails, you have to use an email address that sets you apart from everyone else.

  • People can use your email address to locate your business –

People who receive your email can use the address to locate your website online. This way, someone who is interested in buying a product from you can easily find your website and make a purchase.

Getting the right email address for your ecommerce business

If you have a website, chances are you already have a branded email address. Most major web hosting providers include free email addresses along with their hosting plans. They range from a few accounts to an unlimited number. Check with your web hosting provider to be sure it is part of your hosting plan.

If your hosting plan does not support email addresses or you need something with more features, consider an external email hosting service. A lot of sites even make it obvious on their url like, where you can see that they offer cheap domains and email hosting services.

computer-3368242_1280 (1).jpg

What is email hosting?

Email hosting is similar to web hosting, but instead of hosting the files that make up your website on a web server, you are hosting your company’s email accounts and the emails on a reliable email server. Email hosting provides many advanced features that regular web hosting providers may not support – such as advanced spam protection and filter, antivirus services, large storage space, secure and encrypted mail server, scalability and regular backups. Also, you get to use your own domain name for your emails. The email hosting provider makes sure your email accounts function perfectly.

Making the most out of your branded email address

A reliable email hosting service will provide the help you need to get your email accounts running properly. You can also request a walkthrough to help you configure your email client to work with your new email.

It is important that your writing is clear and concise, professional and helpful to your readers, and you should also take time to reply important queries.

Don’t send unsolicited emails. This will only get you tagged as a spammer and can cause your email address to be blacklisted.

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