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SEO is Still Relevant for brands and is Here to Stay

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Sujain Thomas
September 10, 2018

Sujain Thomas
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SEO, to be honest, has received a bad reputation. So, if a meager SEO campaign has not yet hit your organization, chances are you may get a lot of calls daily from different overseas companies that will promise to rank your business on the first pages of Google. Besides being a business owner, you are likely to have other concerns as well like, will Facebook advertising work, and so forth. Processes such as SEO are a lengthy and expensive but is it still relevant. These are some valid questions and concerns. You may have taken the challenge of SEO yourself or employed the services of a professional service provider. Though this may appear daunting, the long-term survival of your business will rest mainly on your capability of generating consistent, high-quality leads and undoubtedly SEO is a highly effective means to ensure that both your pipeline of prospects and leads are full consistently.

The Power of SEO

Take a look at the top 5 reasons as to why search engine optimization is crucial and can work wonders in skyrocketing a business to the succeeding level,

  • Deliver a High Return on Investment- Although re-marketing campaigns, sponsored social media, AdWords and Yep can provide an instant return on investment yet nothing can compare SEO with regards to offering consistent, high-quality leads. SEO indeed is organic magic when it comes to the needs of your business. It will boil down to the commitment of your prospects. Though instant advertising expenditure on social media may be cheaper the prospects which you will grab there will be mostly browsers and not actual buyers looking to buy actively.


That is because when a person purchases a product actively, they will look on Google for a specific service or product. Being savvy in web advertising they will skip the paid ads but visit the outcomes listed on the organic listings. They are active leads which need some convincing as they are on the lookout for what you sell and will rely on you as your website has a good ranking. But in the case of a poorly structured site and one that has a poor SEO rating, this will not be visible on Google's SERPs.


  • Consistent flow of traffic - On the contrary, a website that is built with SEO as well as possesses an effective ongoing SEO tactic will have higher chances of ranking high on Google. Well, what does this indicate? A consistent flow of consumers is all set to purchase with little persuasion needed. This sounds good, right? Although at the initial stages investing in an SEO strategy may be expensive yet if executed in the right way will deliver long-term outcomes which will far outstrip other forms of paid ads. It is only a professional SEO company that can work wonders in helping you get an excellent ROI and more.


  • Here to Stay- SEO first came into existence some 20 years back, and since then there was no looking back. Though Search Engine Optimization may evolve at a constant pace, the core needs to create quality content, quality backlinks and good design will stay and become more crucial. The small and medium-sized businesses recognize the worth in a robust site and always keep at par with the most recent amends in SEO to help the online profile to continue benefitting from the same. Find out how competitive sites are growing and grabbing new clients. Yellow Pages is not the savior here. You need to build a strong presence at present and see how your business enjoys the rewards in the years to come. To know more about SEO, get in touch with the right Palos Verdes SEO service provider.


  • Competitors are Eating from Your Share of Pie- Unless you run a business that is unique and out of the box, you will have plenty of competitors trying to have from your share of the pie. Although the critical objective of search engine optimization is to rank your site on Google’s first pages, it will need even more effort in maintaining the top rankings as well as continue in having the upper hand in the competition.


The search results of Google’s first page will dominate over 90% of the entire search traffic. That means if you do not make SEO a chief strategy while generating leads you have high chances to lose out on an array of prospective clients. Your competitors may be flying high on the leading search engines, and a significant credit for this goes to their investment in an effective SEO strategy. Of course, it is a game which you do not desire to lose.


  • Market Leader- No matter your business is product or service based, a significant part of it will come from word of mouth or networking. The probability of closing these businesses is higher but what will your referral or prospect do when they sit next to a phone or a PC? What they will do is search for your site online to check where it stands considering the competition. It has quickly turned into the ultimate business status indicator. Despite your business being highly established and the products being of high quality, customers will still judge through appearance and any company that ranks good on Google and other search engines attain this through trust, social validation, and merit.


  • Fight with Big Companies on an Identical Footing- No matter you have a start-up, mid-sized business or a business that is family owned your competitors will include big corporations with crazy budget and deep pockets for advertising on TV, newspapers as well as other conventional media. Although it is not possible in fighting with a good brand conventionally utilizing traditional marketing methods but with SEO you will be capable of dominating long-tail keywords effectively and ranking higher compared to an established brand.

The bottom line is take the help of an SEO professional that has over the years assisted businesses of every type and size to reach the sales potential via dominating the outcomes in the respective niches.

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