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There are numerous factors influencing SEO – Let’s find out!

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Sujain Thomas
July 31, 2018

Sujain Thomas
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The most common word heard today is SEO. SEO, when expanded, becomes “Search Engine Optimization."  In other words, it is the management of websites which further helps in Search engine operations. The usage of internet has become so easy that almost everyone is using internet's search engine to get the information.  Just input the keyword, and the search engine starts its work of searching for required information.  Within seconds, it gives you a number of website links in which the said keyword is present.  All you need to do is select the links and enjoy the information.

Well, how far the list of a website having keywords is helpful is a question which cannot be answered.  It depends on the individual experience.  If you are very patient, then you will search all the websites to get the information.   On the other hand, an impatient web user will try to change the keyword and start the search instead of wasting his time searching in available website sites.

So, the point that requires attention is “the keyword."  Do you think “Keyword or phrase” that is inputted by the web browser manipulates the SEO?  Well, to some extent it is the keyword that helps in indexing the websites and enlists them for SEO process.  For instance, if I input the keyword “recipe," the search engine gives a number of websites which has the keyword recipe in the content.  The list will contain both actual websites related to food recipes and the websites having the word “recipe” in its content.  So, it depends on my requirement which website I will choose.  Sounds tricky, isn’t? Let us now discuss about factors that influence the SEO.

Factors influencing SEO

SEO refers to the ranking of websites. And ranking depends on how many times the web user clicks the site.  Following are some of the factors that influence SEO:

  • Keyword:  It is the word that is inputted by a web browser to get the information.  A group of words says the web user can also input a phrase.  You never know what keyword the web user will input to retrieve the information.  But as a web designer, you should be well prepared on the developments that will take place.  The platform of the internet is open. So, expecting what the web user will input is very difficult. But every possibility of keywords that can be inputted by the web user should be tried, and relevant content should be prepared.


  • Content:  It is the most crucial factor that has to be taken care of this website world.  Every website has some number of website visitors who would click the site for information at least once.  To have repeated clicks on that particular website, the website owner has to concentrate on the content part of it.  Content is the written text which is published on the sites.  Now what content has to be written is an essential aspect to be taken care off.  The content of any website depends on the theme of the site.  Just because some keyword is famous, writing content on it is ridiculous.  Maybe just because your content has the keyword in it, your website may be listed once.  But if the content and the keyword do not match with each other, then the website user may lose interest in your link. So based on the theme, relevant content has to be written in simple language. 


The word "simple" has been mentioned because almost everyone in this world is using the internet.  So, if the language is not simple and readable, then a lot of web browsers won't be in a position to understand what is written.  And if they don't understand what is written, then they won't click the website for information.  The clicking of every website at least once is common.  It may be by default to know what is there on the site.  But an experienced web browser does not like to waste his/her time in unnecessarily searching for relevant information.  Rather, he/she searches the relevant keyword related to the content he/she is expecting.  And once they come to know that a website is providing information about a certain keyword, they will click the site first to get the information.  If they are not satisfied, they approach another website.


So, to improve the SEO, the content writer should research the use of keywords or phrases.  Just because keyword helps in SEO, the content of a website should not be filled with the only keyword that is inputted.  The content writer should research on various keywords or phrases on which the content can be given provided the theme is the same.  He/she should think from the point of a web browser's view and then decide on the keyword or phrase.  A new keyword or phrase related to the theme will definitely increase the SEO of the website provided the content written is qualitative. To research, everything is not possible for everyone.  So, there are professional service providers like Maisontulip who can take care of your requirement.  Approaching them will sort out all your problems related to internet marketing.


  • Linking content to other websites:  If you are confident about your content, then you can link your content with other sites also.  So, anyone who is clicking on the other website will be able to see your website also, and chances of SEO rising are more.  So, your content should be of high quality.  But ensure the site you are linking is genuine, and by chance the other site is defaulter then there are chances even your website will be rated bad.  So be very careful in choosing the sites.


  • Presentation of your webpage:  Finally concentrate on your presentation of your web page.  Your webpage should depict your theme. Linking of content properly will complete your job and rest it depends on how the website users receive the information.

Anyway, to keep yourself on the top, your efforts to keep the website and its content whether written or graphics should be the best and qualitative.  Always implement your strategy (whatever it is) based on the situation you are facing.

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