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Simple Ways to Use the Power of SMS Marketing for Your Restaurant Business

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Sujain Thomas
June 25, 2018

Sujain Thomas
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If you are the owner of a restaurant, you should choose the correct mobile marketing service for promoting your restaurant effectively. Often this choice is a challenge for most owners of restaurants generally because they are not aware of the latest developments in the market. It is true you would prefer a marketing message to grab the attention of the targeted customer, but at the same time, you need a flexible tool to reach out to them.

Why should you opt for an SMS marketing service?

If you are the owner of a restaurant, it is prudent for you to choose the correct SMS marketing service for promoting your business. This will help you to deliver your offers to interested subscribers. SMS marketing is popular today primarily because 85% of people in the USA have a cellphone. They check their phones throughout the entire day and sometimes late into the night. There is research that state that most people check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up. Even before they are dressed for work, they check their phones and respond to messages. Unlike the other popular forms of print and banner advertising, SMS marketing helps you to remain in touch with your customer throughout the whole day no matter where you are.

Some interesting facts about SMS marketing that works for your business

The following are some interesting facts about SMS marketing you should consider before you use it for your restaurant marketing and promotion campaigns-

  • Texts have around a 98% open rate that is approximately five times more than emails
  • 90% of tests are read in just 3 seconds after receipt.
  • 75% of smartphone users like to receive mobile coupons via SMS
  • 77% of smartphone users in the age group of 18-34 years will have a positive perception of a business that gives them SMS compatibility over companies that don't
  • Approximately 50% of consumers in the USA make direct purchases from the SMS texts they receive.

The above is just some of the interesting facts for you to know. As a restaurant owner, you can use SMS marketing services to share alerts, mobile coupons, give them information on new items on the menu and an effortless way for you to be in touch. With the aid of the above, you effectively can draw in customers for your business and make them satisfied with exclusive items on your menu.

How can mobile coupons sent via SMSs increase foot traffic to your restaurant?

Mobile coupons are one of the ways via which you can bring in new customers. With the aid of mobile coupons, you effectively can improve your returns on investment for your restaurant business. The following are the reasons why-

  • Most of your customers are looking for attractive deals and offers at your restaurant. In fact, 80% of restaurant goers search for such deals often.


  • The number of people who regularly dine out and use mobile coupons is increasing. There are research studies (Juniper Research) that estimate the number of mobile coupons will increase by 94 percent by the year 2022.


  • Customers tend to spend more when they get mobile coupons. They visit their favorite restaurants often and purchase more after receiving mobile or personalized coupons via SMS. Most customers are willing to pay from their mobile wallets if they receive coupons.

Experts in the field of SMS marketing in the USA, says the above are just some of the few reasons as to why restaurants should use SMS marketing for promoting their restaurants. The following are some other salient points you should note to bring in more customers via SMS –

  • You can send a coupon every day before lunch or dinner rush at your restaurant permitting diners to order food ahead of time and get loyalty points if they make repeat purchases.


  • Text coupons that encourage diners to visit off-hours of your restaurants for getting special offers and discounts.


  • You can send out mobile coupons to customers who bring a friend along and reward them with loyalty points when they buy two meals.

The following are some creative ways via you can draw in more diners to your restaurant-

  • You can send an alert SMS reminding customers of upcoming special offer meals for the day like 2 for one price, buy one get one free, etc.


  • Send an SMS stating changes in the menu with an invitation to customers to come and try them out


  • You can send an SMS to your customers who are fans of local events to come down and try out special dishes at your restaurant.

You can also use MMS to invite customers to come to your restaurant as pictures along with text can invoke the interest of your targeted audience to your restaurant. If you can attach a relevant message with an image, you can invoke your customers to come to your restaurant and try out the new dishes that you wish to promote. MMS campaigns also give you an advantage in the restaurant business as customers often get engaged when they see images of mouth-watering dishes.

Send personalized text messages to your customers on anniversaries, birthdays and holidays

You can build customer loyalty for your restaurant when you send out personalized messages to your customers on their birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. This allows you to give them offers and discounts. They get the reason to dine with these offers and make the occasion more memorable. You may also keep exclusive items on your menu to delight your customers.

With the aid of a customized SMS marketing campaign for your restaurant, you can invoke customer loyalty and make them happy as well. There are professional SMS marketing companies that will help you create and frame the right campaign for your restaurant. Contact them and start getting the strategic edge in the market and make your customers happy with tasty food!

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