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Filling in the gaps between Digital and Traditional marketing: Experience the pop-up shops

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Sujain Thomas
June 11, 2018

Sujain Thomas
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Highly immersive and short-lived experiences of the pop-up shops appeal to customers transcending all demographic boundaries. Till date, if you have believed that all kinds of store-based marketing and physical marketing from a particular location were dead, it is time for you to think again! The only way to add some mystery and magic to a familiar brand or product is by adding a sense of urgency. Pop-up stores have the unique quality of popping up in locations and then disappearing just as suddenly as they came. This quality is enough to make the bare storefronts look mesmerizing.

Where does pop-up marketing fit in?

The presence of high-end technology and smart presentation skills makes the experience memorable for every child and adult, who comes in touch with the brand promotion event. In the era of rapid change in context to retail, pop-up storefronts are helping brands get in touch with the precious and somewhat unpredictable customers. It might not be new, but the availability of modern amenities like digital signage in place of hand-charted menus, wallscape displays in the vicinity of the pop-up and glass trucks for hosting the event, have made pop-up shops the talk of the town once again.

These ephemeral marketing experiences fill the gap between offline marketing and online marketing. There are people, who do not shop online at the moment and who do not frequent your store location either. The only way to reach out to them is by making yourself more visible in a locality they are familiar with. Adding a bit of flurry makes your effort hard to miss for the entirety of your target audience. They have a magical excitement about them, which stems from the unpredictability and “limited hours” of fun they bring to the spot.

How can web-based brands profit from pop-ups?

Pop-ups are the best ways to collect customer information. Great-looking products, unbelievable prices, and exclusive pop-up product listings are powerful marketing instruments. They act as customer information magnets. Additionally, for dedicated web-based brands, this brings forth an opportunity to interact with their real-life customer bases and gather testimonials. Ephemeral stores can put you in touch with your real customers outside your website. Talking to them in an actual store set-up can help you realize what aspects of your products, services or brand require improvement. Most importantly, a pop-up provides a store-based experience to any brand without the actual cost of a physical store. Interact, experience and gather customer data at one of the busiest city squares without paying the sky-high rental, utility bills and taxes.

Your mobile boutique can magically materialize on a sidewalk, beside the park, in front of the mall, inside a hotel lobby or at a favorite event space. Pop-ups are all about increasing visibility by offering your potential customers a slice of your brand experience. Choosing the right marketing agency, who can preserve your brand's essence in the process; will define the success of your new experimental pop-up marketing campaign.

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