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How to Build an Effective Social Media Marketing Campaign in 2018?

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Walter Moore
May 08, 2018

Walter Moore
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According to the reports based on digital marketing and online revenue, the year 2018 looks promising for every online business. With each year, new trends and hacks are being introduced, but this year businesses of all size and value are going to benefit if they are able to market their online business properly on various social media platforms. Social media marketing might be a relatively new phenomenon, but it is definitely the most sought-after tool for marketers, owing to the countless number of positive results.

Promoting your business on different social media platforms is actually the most cost-effective marketing option, especially if you consider the organic traffic social media posts can bring to your website. Here are some of the tips that you need to follow in order to excel in your social media marketing campaign in 2018:

Remain Active

There is no point in experimenting with a social media networking site and leaving it midway after a few days, particularly when you are promoting your brand online. Being a constant supplier of organic traffic, it goes without saying that the success of social media marketing does not happen overnight. The success of the campaign entirely depends on the time and effort that you put into it, which directly means staying active. For example, you cannot simply achieve real Instagram likes on the visual sharing platform if you are not active and collaborate with other parties and increase your reach.

Consider the Use of Images

Needless to say, visual content is always going to overshadow or help in better display of text content. The most common example is the rising popularity and dominance of Instagram on social media marketing niche. Also, users on social media love to view content incorporated with relevant and high-resolution images. After all, no one would prefer reading a lengthy text format if it is not been well backed up with images. Social media networking sites like Instagram offers you the opportunity to market your brand with visual content and get a massive organic traffic to your site.

Paid Advertising

Every social media platform, which can be used for marketing your brand, has an option of paid ads. Even in the last few years, sponsored ads have proved to be an effective investment for marketers. Apart from guaranteed return on investment, you can give your social media marketing campaign a great boost with the help of paid advertising. All you need to do is create user-specific and attractive paid ads.

Posts Scheduling

Perhaps the biggest determining factor of social media marketing in 2018 is scheduling your content properly. A marketer must pay attention to the needs of the audience, as well as, the clients which often restrict him to provide time to social media marketing. This issue can be easily resolved by scheduling your posts so that even if you are busy, your posts will be uploaded automatically. 


Social media marketing has turned out to be an essential feature of an online marketing campaign. Businesses are increasingly driving their efforts in making their social media profiles optimized for more user engagement.

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