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How to Stay Ahead When SEO Competition Is Too Crowded?

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Maria Jones
March 16, 2018

Maria Jones

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Search engine optimization is not a new concept and thousands of businesses are investing millions of dollars to rank among the top 10 results on the Google SERP. Everyone is going after the most searched keywords in their specific industries to obtain as much organic traffic as possible. While every industry applies SEO strategies, some sectors such as e-commerce and hotels are overly crowded. The competition is stiff and thus, a newcomer may think that he will never be able to secure good ranks on SERP. Fortunately, there are some strategies that can help you beat the competitors and find a spot in the crowded space.

Create a niche: You have to distinguish your business in a way that your competitor can’t match. Instead of competing for the same keywords, you will be able to compete for different yet relevant keywords by offering something unique. For instance, you and your competitor both sell beds, but if you specialize in kids beds or antique beds then immediately you get a niche market. The number of buyers may not be as high as those who search for “beds”, but you know for sure that if someone is typing a specific keyword such as “antique bed”, he is seriously interested and the rate of conversion will be better.

Focus on complementary strategies: Search engine optimization is not about keywords and guest blogging anymore. You can start a PPC ad campaign on Google, build a fan page on Facebook, and send promotional emails to potential customers to bring them to your website. Ads always get a better spot on SERP and social media presence can seriously affect your website’s SERP ranking. Besides, the fans and followers of your brand on social media would love to buy your products because they like your brand ideology. Remember, your main goal is to increase your business and you simply can’t rely on keywords for everything.

Get local: You may have restaurants all over the country, but instead of promoting your food chain as a brand that has the national presence, you should convince the search engines that your brand is present in every city of the country. How you project your brand matters a lot in terms of SEO. When you promote yourself as an eatery that is present in every city, you become a “local” restaurant for all those cities. Get enlisted in local directories, Google maps, and try to acquire reviews from your customers residing in different cities. Mention the opening and closing hours of your restaurants. Write small content about each restaurant branch and highlight how unique they are. For instance, you may have added a local recipe to your menu to suit the taste buds of people of that city. Local searches are always highlighted on SERP, especially when people search from mobile. Take advantage of local SEO to clear the clutter and beat the big brands without spending a fortune.


Always try to offer something better to get a spot in a crowded market. It can be anything from a better user experience to better products or even better customer relationship; just make sure that you are taking care of the customers because when you do that your brand name becomes famous and instead of searching keywords related to the items you sell, people will directly search for your brand. Further if you have questions on “How to setup a website” visit our website.

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