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Instagram Addiction – A real thing! And smart ways to detox it

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Walter Moore
July 30, 2018

Walter Moore
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The over dependency on Instagram is becoming widespread among ordinary folks and celebrities. While waking up in bed, the first thing they do is Instagram and while going back to bed, the last thing they do is Instagram. The stories, the selfies and group click, are a siren call that has become irresistible. The temptation for looking at Instagram feeds in every 2 minutes has screened many people as full-on addicted, and most of them couldn't step away from pressing like or watching stories. People have curbed their life to Instagram. The social app consumes them in spite of the pesky problems of social sites. Spending a lot of time swiping through pretty pictures has become a real problem. Still, some folks are denying it saying there is no real thing as Instagram Addiction!

Reality Check – Instagram Addiction

How would you understand whether you are addicted to Instagram? Some sneaky intuition or inner voice that tells something’s off. Another indicator might be the internet balance message from your service provider saying you have reached 90 % of buffer value in half month. Another sign would be spending most of your time looking at filters of uploaded and pictures and like them in every minute. Before uploading a final one, you have some stock ton of click. Being artsy and taking a picture of anything with a thought that your followers go crazy. For increasing your Instagram followers, you can visit and get as many followers, likes, and comments on your posts and stories. In every 10 seconds checking your follower's list and getting obsessed with those who didn’t follow you back right in that very minute.

There are many simple ways by which you can kick your Instagram addiction out of your system:

Play hide and seek with Instagram

Detach Instagram from your mind which might sound ridiculous but is a great solution. Put yourself in a different room and your device in another room. You need to detox the carbs of Instagram out from your body which is deposited in layers and is making difficult for you to get separated from Instagram notification. Turning off Instagram notification should be the first thing to do. Then remove the app for a few days which might be a false start as many people remove it and within a minute download it back on the phone. It's a tough phase but a beatable one.  When you remain separated from Instagram, your brain can automatically develop a new pattern.

Become mean towards your social apps

People open the app and consciously keep scrolling through social site feeds for a couple of minutes. That’s what people are becoming with no decision control. When you switch on your phone, go through sites containing recreational posts and information but not winding out to Instagram in last. Show your meanness towards your social app and pass them heading to other apps. Don’t look for an opportunity to get your fingers swiping through Instagram posts for no reason again for a couple of minutes. Stay conscious if you want to fight your addiction. Start reading news, articles, and blogs instead of looking at stupid videos and pictures for hours. Every time you lay eyes on Instagram, hit yourself on the back of the head and remind that your life is still good without Instagram.

Dictate Your negative feelings for Instagram

When you love listening to a song, you can spend hours on that, and if you hate that song, you can't stand 2 minutes on it. Same way, prevail and thrive your negative feeling for Instagram and grow your rage not to check new posts multiple times a day. Try hating people whose pictures are better than yours and unfollow them or block them. You will see in a couple of days your temptation will decrease, and you will not follow like it as insane.

Taste the reality

While you are on an Instagram detox diet, try figuring out ways how you can spend your time on activities that can help you. Engage yourself in learning new skills, or taking online classes for languages; you might go for some tutorials for learning new hairstyles, nail art, etc. which can help you in building some career. You can start your blog and share your experiences, talk about your work or impart knowledge about skills. Make a place for yourself in the world of the Internet which is not just limited to Instagram. Distract your fingers from going back on Instagram and thus make them busy by learning an instrument like piano, a guitar which used to top the chart of hobbies you want to pursue. Connect yourself to the world of real people doing the real thing, not with the pictures on Instagram.

Call your gang for Intervention

You are not alone in this Instagram addiction. Your buddies are equal culprit and victim both. So, this is a high time to call for Intervention on Instagram habit along with your gang and let them also join the fight for detoxifying the Instagram habit. Sit with them and either switch off your mobile for a few hours or put them on silent. Then engage yourself in some building activities and most importantly, not letting any of your friends mentioning a word of uploading any picture or post related to your gang activities. Make a pact or bro code and swear with your friends to not letting yourself dictated by Instagram again. Try some fun activities or play your childhood games and revive your memories where you were innocent and free of the trap of Instagram and other social apps.

Going through detox phase, you will realize that you are no longer the puppet of Instagram and can live without it. You will start having fun in other activities and enjoy spending time with family and friends. Play fun games or have a conversation with them. Say no to another social app addiction. In other words, try having fun without posting about it.

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