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Effective Mix of Brochure Design and Digital Marketing Brings Brand Recognition

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Andrew Hales
February 08, 2018

Andrew Hales

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For branding and promotion of any company or product, it is important to think on some innovative ideas. Though brochure is an orthodox idea for brand marketing or product marketing, it is often used by many businesses and that too in a creative way. It means good branding depends on creativity. Even if you are using proven marketing techniques, it is imperative that you employ the techniques with utmost creativity to grab the attention of the potential buyers or customers. Brochure design and conceptualization is a hard thing to do, and for that neat expertise, immense creativity and the highest level of professionals are required. So, if you run a brochure design agency, you have to adopt these virtues at the soonest to enjoy a good reputation.

For a startup business, it is crucial to adopt the contemporary graphic design techniques. Otherwise, there will be massive losses. It is the only way of sustaining in this highly competitive market. For effective branding, here are some creative brochure design tips:

Seamless Layout – Get on to the Basics

The basics are critical, and you have to keep that in mind throughout your professional career as a brochure graphic designer. A brochure is not a piece of paper, and thus it should not look like a pamphlet or leaflet. Brochures are designed to provide information to the potential customers about the products and services. It should be well designed, and most importantly it should be easy to read the data of the brochure. Hence, you have to conceptualize your layout accordingly. Corporate brochures do not contain high-end graphics – a simple layout with attractive (not loud) color combination would serve your purposes neatly. If you belong to print design services, you have to understand the needs of the clients. It is not what you think will be good; it is solely making the clients satisfied with the final layout.

Creative Folding – Ought to be or ought not to be?

Creativity with brochure folds can be considered, mainly it is catering information about festive offers or seasonal offers. For occasional offering or product information, it can be made a little bit creative, though for general purposes, keeping the brochure simple is essential. You need to highlight the products information in the brochure as that is the sole motto of your client. So, keeping it simple is safer, unless the client needs something unique to be done.

Use iconic elements – Good Graphics

A few iconic elements and attractive colors to highlight the significant parts are required. Being a branding company, it is your responsibility to think on those factors which can bring high responses through the brochures. Do not plunge into designing stuff at the start. Instead, invest time in the brainstorming process. Build a storyboard of the action plan to achieve the best possible results. 

Do not Copy Competitors

Understanding the client's business domain, you may view on the brochures of the competitors. However, do not copy them as copying competitors leave negative impacts. Keeping these simple yet highly effective facts in mind, you can deliver global standard quality to your clients. So, count on these tips neatly!

Digital Marketing for Business Success

The concepts or ideas that have been applied to digital marketing are different from print media marketing. However, few similarities are also there. You can easily note and understand those similarities. Analyzing the similarities with perfection is essential. Also, it is critical to understand the dissimilarities. In case of digital marketing, you should be more strategic in your approach. Here are some tips in this regard:

Make a Plan for SEO Campaign

With search engine optimization, your digital marketing ambitions would not be fulfilled. Thus, you have to focus or concentrate on SEO. It is a lengthy process, and you need to have proper planning and enough patience. You should do market research properly before you chalk out SEO plan. For this purpose, it is also essential to consult veteran local SEO experts.

Check Your Rivals         

As we have seen in case of brochure designing, it is strictly discouraged to copy others. You need to come out with a fresh design and innovative concepts. However, digital marketing is different. Here, you need to check your rivals. You need to keep close eyes on digital activities of competitors. As a result, you would lose the race in the long run. It is important to follow rivals and at the same time build your own unique plan for digital marketing success.

Ethical Business Marketing

Ethics must be maintained when it comes to business marketing, irrespective of digital marketing or other types of marketing. If you do not follow business marketing ethics, you shall end up generating poor reputation.

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