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How Does Proper WordPress Customization Bring Social Media Benefits?

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Charlie Brown
February 01, 2018

Charlie Brown
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Themes are just excellent, and one of the primary reasons for the wide popularity of WordPress as a website builder is nothing but the availability of a vast number of themes. WordPress has been used for designing professional business oriented websites as well as personal or professional blogs. In case of making blogs, use of WordPress can be more observed significantly. WordPress proffers two kinds of themes to the users. One type is free themes, and the others are paid themes. Free themes look pretty standard, while the paid theme is unique. Free themes offer less customization than paid themes.

Theme customization in WordPress is fun. It is not at all complicated, and once you know the process, you will find that playing with these themes gives extreme pleasure. If you are building your own blog or website through WordPress, to give an entirely new look to your site, you need to customize the existing theme of the WordPress. For theme customization, you may need basic knowledge of web designing, HTML and CSS coding. So, here in the following section, let us check out the steps that are involved in theme customization of WordPress.

Step 1: Creating a Child Theme

The first stage of WordPress theme customization is creating a child theme. Now, you must be itching to know what child theme is. Well, indeed it is essential to understand the definition of child theme first. A child theme is a kind of theme that relies on the parent theme from various aspects. It borrows as much as functionality as it can from the parent theme. The developers' job is overwriting bits and pieces of functionality wherever it is required. Creating child theme is simple. You need to start with creating a folder in "wp-content/themes" directory. In this folder, you need to two files. One is CSS and the other one is PHP file (functions.php).

After completing the coding part with these two files, you need to move on to the next step of theme customization in WordPress.

Step 2: Quick Primer of Child Theme

You have the child theme, and your job is to strengthen it so that it can be used for professional purposes. As it has been told earlier, child theme borrows useful options from the parent themes. So, you can copy all the functional codes from the parent theme. Alternatively, you can choose to go for copying the functional codes that you want to incorporate into your child theme. You can make little alterations in the code after copying it to make your child theme more unique.

Step 3: Replacing Title and Featured Image

After changing the theme of your website, it is the time to improve the external appearance of the theme. For that, you need to replace theme title and featured images. To change featured images, you need to create your own image. If you know graphic designing, you can do it yourself, or you can get it done by someone professional. Give an exciting title to your blog or website so that it clinches attention of the visitors.

Why Is It Important to Customize WordPress Website?

WordPress customization is essential for many reasons. First of all, it makes the website to appear more seamless as well as robust. It helps site to become more productive. Visitors would love to visit such websites where they would find exceptionally smooth navigation option. Web customization is critical to making a website more productive. For example, a customized header on the webpage will help your business to grow as a brand. All these aspects should be kept in mind when it comes to WordPress customization. For more information, you can check eterpro Panama.

Social Media Benefits of Effective WordPress Customization

Every business has social media profiles. As a result, they get feedback on their websites, products, and services directly from social media from the fans, buyers, and followers. Getting feedback from followers or fans and customizing the website in that manner would surely help you a lot. It will provide complete convenience in business promotional activities with precision. If you make customization to your WordPress website as per feedback from clients or customers, your business shall surely grow as fans would love it.

WordPress customization allows you to add various widgets and plug-in for your website. Getting the right plugins will help your business to grow. As a result of that, you shall find great convenience in using WordPress. It helps you to find the right social media widgets, and these widgets can be installed easily. Installing them will help your website to become more social media oriented. Ultimately, it will help your business to grow seamlessly.

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