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Top Tips That Will Help You in Generating Higher Conversion Rates

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Charlie Brown
November 10, 2017

Charlie Brown
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Whenever you have someone visiting your site, what is essential that you should have a well-thought-out desired path of action in your mind. When any visitor or a user would complete that action, then it will generate a conversion. You might want them to have signed up to a free account, or maybe become members of your e-mail lists or even complete a survey – it depends on the business you run and its aims and goals. Given that your capacity to attain your business aims depends on these conversions, you would need to learn some tips which would help you optimizing web conversion rates. In this article, you shall learn about such tips and techniques which will help you achieve higher conversion rates.

1. First, hypothesize and then test

This is a very important point; do not assume or feel that only because something unique had worked out well for somebody, then it should also work for your favor. What you should do is instead use that information to create and formulate your hypothesis, and after that, you should try and test out those hypotheses. It does not matter what you've learned previously about optimizing conversion rates; you must always ensure that you have tested your theories before putting them into action.

2. You should not ignore values acquired from relevant copies

Relevant copies on landing pages will decide whether users will stay on or leave your site. Focus on the relevancy of your page. You can do this by giving vital information through a clear or personalized copy; this can point the users towards a direction you would want them and like them to go.

3. Incorporate qualitative data

Before you test your plan for optimizing conversion rates and before you even start your hypothesis, you would be required to analyze all the qualitative data that you have. The reason for doing this is that it will help you in understanding how customers, in general, think and behave. This will assist you a lot in formulating a successful conversion optimization plan.  

You can apply your qualitative data to ask questions such as why a customer would require your products, what might drive them to get your services, and how they might plan on using your products. Use data collected from surveys, emails, customer calls, and other feedback sources to organize a good, efficient plan for your conversion rate optimization.

4. Make use of optimized giveaways to generate more conversions

An excellent giveaway will help in creating buzz about your company’s products and your business. Giveaway contests can be instrumental in converting casual visitors to email subscribers. You can get more leads from that, which will help you in acquiring more paid customers who will buy your products.

The more the giveaway is, the higher the chances of converting visitors to customers are, so ensure that you use giveaways to their full potential.

5. Use A/A Tests first then A/B tests

Testing is undeniably important in the generating a good plan for conversion rate optimization. Hence you must be certain that your testing software is working correctly. You should check and test your landing page's original variation against itself and see whether conversion rates are good. Follow this up with repeated tests so that you have an accurate idea regarding the numbers. 

6. Pay heed to the mix of traffic which will hit your A/B tests

This will help you to ensure that you are not running weak tests in reality. Run any test for some time without checking upon the results, wait till the tests are finished. The quality of your traffic is more important than its quantity when you run A/B tests.

7. You must continue to practice optimizing conversion rates for your website

This is an ever continuing process. You must continue evolving with customers and also users in your mind. This will help in continual bringing in of revenues while ensuring your customers keep coming back to you. You must prioritize continued optimization. This will not only ensure older customers staying on, but also see to it that new customers keep coming in and buying your products. You can click here to know more about LeadPages.

8. You must see that the web copy of your website is not getting held back from some common sources of problems

Web copy will play a significant role in either keeping your visitors or turning and getting them away. The top most common and popular sources that create friction are either having a lot of or too little of information, expecting and demanding too much from your customers from the beginning, having unrelated and confusing, irrelevant content, and in presenting the copy in a disagreeable visual way. It is imperative that you must always try and avoid these four sources of friction.

 17. Your website must become your best salesperson by helping in consultations for your visitors and guide them to the right products

You must learn about your visitors in detail by going to the referral websites from which they come. Learn about their clicking behavior to your site. You will have a deeper understanding of customer behavioral patterns. This will help you in understanding why many users visit your website and also help in converting them into long-term customers. Design visitor experience specifically, help to guide them in your site and make them learn about your products and services. Your website must function as a consultative salesman, and give your visitors all the information that they may want to have regarding their specific needs.


Conversion rate optimization is vital for your business. Not only will it ensure you get long-term customers but will also see that you generate new customers. But you have to continually engage your users so that they are guided easily to what they might want in your products. CRO is necessary, and hopefully, these tips will help you in optimizing your business website.

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