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Content is the Backbone of Quality SEO: Here is why that is Not Changing Anytime Soon

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James Helliwell
July 19, 2017

James Helliwell
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At a time and age when there is more emphasis on technological skills, it is no surprise that many companies are more open to paying for programming and design related elements of SEO. However, when it comes to content, they deploy all their bargaining skills and feel like they are paying too much. Does this describe you? Well you are treading a dangerous path if you are serious about improving your SEO results.

Top SEO professionals like City Wide SEO will tell you that among the myriad of factors that can influence your ranking, few are more important than content and inbound links. Of course factors that influence ranking have to work in tandem to produce results but you simply cannot afford to cut corners with content.

Content is exactly what attracts your audience in the first place. Your exquisitely designed website   is only as useful as the content on it. When people are searching for content relevant to you in the search engines, they watch out to see if you have relevant content. The search engines on their part, will not include your fast, ravishingly designed site in results in the first place if there is no rich content that is relevant to the search query.

This means that your costly website could well wound up as a white elephant project if you are not ready to create quality content or to pay for it.

How Can You Create Quality Content?

Quality content is one that discusses the topic at hand properly. It must be easy to scan yet leave a satisfying feeling on every reader. Here are some characteristics of quality content according to an SEO company in New Orleans.

  • It is written by someone that understands the topic very well.
  • It is not a duplicate of content that already exists on the site.
  • It contains thorough research and analysis.
  • It provides more information on the topic at hand than similar search results for the relevant search term.
  • It is properly written and edited, not created in haste thus devoid of any stylistic of factual errors.
  • The content is sharable.
  • The content speaks to the reader.

When creating content, you need to ensure you meet these characteristics.  Failing to do so will only result in soaring bounce rates. Your chance of success at SEO is heavily dependent on being able to create in-depth content that adds value to the reader. It is no surprises that the first few spots on Google for a search term is occupied by pages with nicely written and insightful content on a search term.

With this, it is clear why more businesses need to pay more attention to their content creation teams. Your digital marketing budget will not yield the right ROI if you do not have provisions for a steady stream of quality content.

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