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4 Invaluable Services your Houston SEO Should Offer

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Sheila Tomson
July 11, 2017

Sheila Tomson

Sheila Tomson is a highly experienced Houston SEO consultant. She boasts over 21 years in digital marketing. Sheila is also a prolific writer and commentator on industry issues. Visit her blog here for more information.

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If you are not already leveraging the internet market today, your business in Houston is fast hurtling towards oblivion. According to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), there are over3.6 billion internet users today and as a marketer in the current business environment, these numbers should excite you. Over 70% of internet users today say they use this platform to find out more about brands and the products they want to buy. If your business is not available online, then you are missing out big. Through search engine optimization (SEO), it is now possible for any type of business to compete effectively in its niche.

Many startups today have been able to upend their more established competitors by innovatively using search engines. Indeed, 93% of all internet experiences start with a search engine and this is information smaller brands are using to remain ahead of the competition. According to a HubSpot survey, 75% of internet users don’t scroll beyond the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs). If your website is not featuring on this first page, you simply don’t exist. However impressive your products or services, you will not reach your target audience.

This is where the place of an SEO agency comes in handy. Whatever the type of business you are currently running in the city, it is now possible to harness the power of the internet to earn more visibility and boost traffic. You will also enjoy better conversion rates, reduced bounce rates, brand awareness and much more. Your SEO consultant will work closely with your team to first understand your business objectives before designing and implementing an SEO strategy.

Banking on A Houston SEO Services

If you are looking for the best way to get your business ahead of the pack, it is time to talk to a reputable Houston SEO company for the most comprehensive SEO services. It is true many startups try their own DIY SEO, but this always ends badly. An established SEO agency in the city has the expertise and resources to ensure the project ruins smoothly. What’s more, you are assured the company will not implement black hat SEO techniques thatwould otherwise lead to penalties.

Now that you appreciate the role of search engine optimization in your marketing campaign, you need to look at the main services these experts will provide. Below are just a few of the key SEO techniques that these experts will use to give you a competitive edge in your niche:

1.  Technical Website Audit

Your SEO expert understands the requirements of search engines and for this reason, they will start with a comprehensive web audit to ensure your site is search engine ready. Whether the website is new or it has been in existence for some time, such an audit is crucial to ensure all the weaknesses are identified early enough. This makes it easier to build an SEO strategy based on these findings. There are many site audit tools thatcan be used for the audit. This is one of the most crucial services that will be offered by your SEO company.

2.  Keyword Research

Keywords are among the most misunderstood tools in SEO and for this reason, many webmasters end up misusing them to the detriment of their websites. While keywords are crucial in SEO, they must be used creatively to get the expected results. The process of keyword application starts with intensive keyword research, which your SEO agency will help out with. You have to know which keywords to task and this involves looking at your business model and objectives. Through keyword research, you are able to identify the right keywords not just because they are popular but due to their expected ROI. Finding the relevant keywords to use on your pages is a great step towards achieving your SEO objectives. With so many changes in keyword trends, you need to work with a highly experienced SEO expert to guarantee you find the best ones to use.

3.  Content Marketing

Content is still king and this is not going to change anytime soon. It is no wonder thenthat 60% of B2B marketers plan to increase their content management budget. 90% of consumers say they find custom content useful in making their purchase decisions. An SEO agency will offer comprehensive content marketing plans including copy creation and publishing, editing and much more. The most important aspect of content creation is relevance and this is something such an agent will consider when preparing content for your website. They know the trends in the industry including the importance of dense content, effectiveness of longer content and much more.

4.  Page Optimization

This is an important part of any SEO project. Your pages must be ready for search engine crawlers and target readers. In this part of the project, on-page and off-page optimization is done and tasks include creating meta tags, optimizing anchor text, call to action (CTA), keyword optimization on the content among others.

There is so much more an SEO company can do for you and it is imperative to leverage their expertise and resources to stay ahead of the competition. From link building, site maintenance, social media integration to paid search, an SEO agency adds a lot of value to your marketing campaign.

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