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6 Incredible Ways E-Commerce Will Change in Future!

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Anna Marsh
February 20, 2017

Anna Marsh

Anna Marsh is a Technology Writer and Pro Blogger. She appeared on the blogging scene in 2010 and since then has written plenty of articles on online shopping, e-commerce, technology and future of the Buy essay online at industry. She also owns an online store of hi-tech gadgets. You can talk with her on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

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The power of E-commerce has gained strong foothold in the last ten years and there are many changes that would make it reach new heights in the future. The big data and machine learning has augmented the process of customer retention and today it empowers the e-commerce website owners to develop a better understanding of their audience based on the available statistics.

The morale of the story is that technology is the backbone of any online industry today and the future is going to be even promising for the e-commerce business.

Presenting here are ways technology will change the face of e-commerce business:

1. Online Shopping Will Become Even Simpler And Easier

First things first

The transformation of payment method is the most prominent way e-commerce will change in future. No longer do the clients have make online payments from their credit cards. The current procedure of making online payments through credit cards pose a risk to hacking of personal information of clients and their financial details.

However, the future of e-commerce payment system will see the use of mobile payment and digital wallet that do not involve the sharing of credit card details.

2.  Mobile Shopping Will Be Ubiquitous

The emergence of mobile shopping has helped the clients remove many glitches associated with online shopping. Today, a mobile user can easily open an online store, check the item, add it into shopping cart and make the payment directly from its mobile payment facility.

So there are no hassles of stopping by your office and home while you are away just to place an order or make an online payment. It doesn’t get any better for the buyers on the go.

3.  There Will Be Even Tighter Security For Online Shopping

While online shopping industry is not complete secure from risk of online frauds, the recent developments in automation and encrypted systems have made it possible for the buyers to make a purchase without any risk of losing your financial data or personal information.

To cut the long story short, the merchants will be able to save their time on synchronizing their website with constant installation of security tools and rather focus on selling more.  

4. Drones Will Make The Delivery

Amazon is already using them and many other online vendors plan to take help of this technology in the future. According to The Wall Street Journal, however, it’ll take another 3 years for the cargo companies to take full-fledge services of drones to deliver goods of clients.

The shortcoming in its design is the primary challenge that the e-commerce businesses have to overcome before it can commission the device into its services.

5.  Clients Will Benefit From Payment Customization

And last but not the least, the future will see more ways the buyers opt to pay to the merchant. Even today, there are many website owners that give clients the privilege to choose the best payment option for making a purchase.

‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ is one such method that allows the customers to pay the outstanding amount of goods or services at their discretion. In addition, there will be discount prices on price-sensitive items which will enable the buyers to save money.

6.  The Website Owners Will Use Automation To Fight Fraud

This is another way that e-commerce with be changed in the future. Even today, there are some online stores that rely upon the automation to fight fraud. Nowadays, there are several legacy systems that depend on manual checks by humans. These systems are unable to process complicated transactions.

There aforementioned are some of the ways e-commerce industry will change in the next 5-10 years. Hope the article satisfies your quest for the future of e-commerce industry.

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