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Looking to Get More Clients - Top Tips to Help You Become More Successful

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Boris Dzhingarov
May 21, 2018

Boris Dzhingarov
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When you first started your career as a sports agent, no doubt you were filled with all kinds of excitement and were ready to make a living out of your passion for sports. As time went by, however, it probably became obvious that in order to be a successful sports agent you need to have more than just a passion for sports.

If you find yourself at a crossroads and you want to expand your client list but aren’t sure how, here’s a look at some tips that can help you reach that next stage of your career. Obviously, you can always consider options like link building for your sites but something extra should also be taken into account.

Understand All There is to Know About Your Sport

Because so many sports agents choose to specialize in one sport only, it allows you to really understand and be aware of everything happening in that sport. You need to follow all the latest player news, statistics, standings, trade deals, and even be aware of where the bookies stand in that sport. Bookmakers can give you a real glimpse into what is currently going on in the sport.

Remember, the more you know and understand about the sport, the more help and insight you can offer to your clients.

Build Trust with Clients

In order to expand and really build your name in the industry, it's important you work on the level of trust and the bond you have with your current clients. Your clients turn to you for advice and help in making decisions that can have a huge impact on their career. They need to know that you put their best interests, their success, their health, and their future first. They need to trust in you fully, which also means that you are honest with them at all times no matter how painful the truth may be to hear.

Of course, trust isn’t going to be something that happens right away, instead this is a process that takes time and patience so you need to be willing to put in the effort. Once you’re successful in building that trust, don’t be surprised if your clients start talking to other players in the sport and talking you up.

Make Yourself More Accessible

As a sports agent, the idea of working Monday to Friday, eight hours a day just isn’t going to fly. Games are happening all the time, which means you need to be accessible to your clients at all times. They need to know that if they call you with a question or concern that you will either pick up the phone, or you will call them back immediately.

Work on Your Communication Skills

A big part of being a sports agent is communication. You will be communicating with your clients, as well as communicating and negotiating on their behalf. This means you need to be comfortable with verbal and written communication.

Slowly Build Your Client List

By using these tips, you will find that you are able to slowly build your client list over time, becoming more successful not just with your clients, but in the industry as a whole.

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