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Perl 5 by Example
by David Medinets
Online lets you browse chapters and examples. Very useful for beginning Perl programmers.
Teach Yourself CGI Programming With Perl 5 in a Week
by Eric Herrmann
Teach Yourself CGI Programming with Perl 5 in a Week is for the experienced Web page developer who is familiar with basic HTML. The tutorial explains how to use CGI to add interaction to Web sites. The CD includes the source code for all the examples used in the book, along with tools for creating and editing CGI scripts, image maps, forms, and HTML.
The CGI Book
by Bill Weinman
A comprehensive tutorial covers the basics of CGI and enables immediate script writing, continuing to more advanced topics including image maps, server push, e-mail, HTML, and database lookup. Original. (Advanced).
The Cgi/Perl Cookbook
by Craig Patchett, Matthew Wright
Souping up a Web site has never been easier. This book/CD-ROM set offers a complete introduction to CGI, Perl, and JavaScript programming plus a collection of sophisticated CGI scripts that readers can use to add popular functions to their Web sites, including search engines, passwords, product databases, a shopping cart, custom forms, animated images, and more.

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